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Writing Has Taught Me Communication

It's amazing how much is lost in translation! From the thoughts in my head to the words coming from the mouth to the things you hear to the way you interpret what you heard, there's a lot of ways for things to be totally misunderstood.

But thankfully, writing has taught me a bit more about how to communicate like a pro.

If you think about it, writing is ALL about communication. I'm using words to describe the image that I see in my head, and my goal is to use words that will help the reader to see what I'm seeing. If I don't choose my words just right, the picture they see will be TOTALLY different from the picture I see.

As a writer, your goal is to choose the best word to fit what you are trying to describe. If you are trying to describe something that is a specific shade of green, you don't just stick with the word "green". Instead, you use words like emerald, olive, lime, forest green, etc. If you are trying to describe a very tall man, you use words like giant, mammoth, or colossus.

You need to choose your words carefully when you speak, as well as when you write. If you throw about words carelessly, you could end up communicating a totally different message than what you're trying to say. The words that come from your mouth may not jive with the picture in your head, and they may be interpreted a completely different way when they reach the other person's ears and mind.

Just like you have to be selective with the words you use in your writing, be selective with the words you use when you communicate. You make your characters very expressive, very elaborate, very deep people, so use a bit of your creativity on yourself. Instead of just letting words flow from your mouth in a steady stream, think about what you would say if you were the character in your book. "Write" your own dialogue before speaking, and you'll avoid A LOT of miscommunications that way!