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Dragonblood Assassin

The Empire is under siege from within, and one man, dressed in black like the night, stands at the epicenter of it all.

Available only on Amazon

Black Talon

Kullen is the Emperor’s assassin. The sharp hand of justice. The Black Talon.

Red Claw

Treachery simmers beneath the Empire’s surface.

Silver Spines

War has come to Dimvein.

Golden Flames

The battle grows dire. The death toll rises. The end is nigh.


Why is Dragonblood Assassin only available on Amazon?

The Dragonblood Assassin series is published by Aethon Books, and they retail directly exclusively on Amazon.

Is there any way to get a signed copy of this series?

If you absolutely MUST have a signed paperback to add to your collection, feel free to reach out to me via the contact form and let's talk about making it happen.

Did you really have to write another series about an assassin?

Yes, I absolutely did. There can never be too many good fantasy assassin series!

Where can I buy one of Natisse's lashblades?

If you find somewhere to pick one up--or know a blacksmith willing to craft the weapon--I want to hear about it!