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SLAYER (Darkblade #3) is LIVE!

SLAYER (Darkblade #3) is LIVE!

Greetings, friend!

I know it's been a while since I last posted here.

To be honest, I haven't had much to say that I felt needed sharing publicly on a blog.

Oh, I've sent out newsletters and posted to social media, but I've always felt that blog posts needed to be MORE.

More what, exactly, I didn't know. But for it to be worth surviving forever on the internet, it needed to have some sort of value.

Or it had to be exciting news that I thought worth sharing.

And this DEFINITELY qualifies because...

SLAYER (Darkblade #3) is published TODAY

That's right, the third (and longest thus far) book in the Darkblade series releases today, January 18th.

In it, you get to once again enjoy the Hunter's clash with the Sage and Warmaster. Only there's so much MORE!

When I sat down to write the story years ago, my focus was chiefly on the main players (the Hunter, Hailen, the Sage, the Warmaster, and Master Eldor), and everything else that unfolded around them took second stage.

But as I took a closer look at the story for the Darkblade reboot/rewrite, I realized that I had done the Elivasti people an injustice. I dropped an entire race of people into my world and barely scratched the surface of who they were.

SLAYER rectifies that!

Now, you get to peel back the layers a little and see the people beneath the masks.

The lore, myths, and legends that followed them through the centuries.

The magic they inherited from their Serenii ancestors.

The secrets they guard with their lives.

The hopes for their future.

You're going to LOVE seeing deeper into the world of Einan, even if it's just this one secluded little corner, and getting a taste of a broader, greater fantasy world overall.

May it bring you many happy hours of reading!

SLAYER (Darkblade #3)

The Hunter has set his sights on new prey.
Abiarazi. Master manipulators, bloodthirsty, and cruel. Demons of nightmare.

His hunt for the monstrosities prowling among mankind takes him to the top of the highest mountain peak on Einan…
…where he stumbles across an ancient city and people forgotten by time.

Amidst the ruins and relics of a long-dead race, his vendetta against the demons will drag him ever-deeper into a millennia-old war for conquest and an enslaved nation’s desperate fight for freedom.

His skills as assassin will be put to the ultimate test: battling an enemy even he may not be strong enough to kill.

Yet should he fail, the cost will be high, for the first victim to die in the ensuing bloodshed will be the god-touched boy he has sworn to protecta child with the power to either shatter or save the world.

Get it here!