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Fantasy Assassins Reading List

Welcome to The Ultimate Fantasy Assassins Reading List for Book Lovers

If you love fantasy assassins as much as I do, you’ll probably be looking for more assassin fantasy books to dive into.

Assassins pop up in just about every fantasy novel, so it would be a LOOONG list if I added every book with an assassin.  Instead, the list below contains all the books that feature assassins as either a primary or secondary character (protagonist or antagonist). Or, at the very least, a supporting character that drives the story forward in a meaningful way.

Note: New books are released all the time, so it’s possible there’s a book or three newly released that’s not on this list. Either that, or there’s a book or series unfamiliar to me (I can’t read ALL the fantasy books, much as I want to!) that I’ve missed. If so, send me an email via my Contact page and send me the links to the fantasy assassin books that deserve a place on this list.

What started out as my personal reading list has now grown to include SO MANY amazing fantasy assassin books. May they bring you many happy hours of reading!

Brent Weeks

Durzo Blint: the most famous assassin in fantasy, ever? Definitely one of my favorites!

Night Angel:

Book 1: The Way of Shadows

Book 2: Beyond the Shadows

Book 3: Shadow’s Edge

Prequel Novella: Perfect Shadow

Michael J. Sullivan

Royce Melborne is the famous “bucket man” for the Black Diamond, and a truly epic character to read.

Riyria Revelations:

Book 1: Theft of Swords

Book 2: Rise of Empire

Book 3: Heir of Novron

Riyria Chronicles:

Book 1: The Crown Tower

Book 2: The Rose and the Thorn

Book 3: The Death of Dulgath

Book 4: The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter

R.A. Salvatore

Artemis Entreri, Drizzt Do’Urden’s foil, sociopath and cold-blood assassin is truly a thrilling character to read!

The Icewind Dale Trilogy:

Book 1: The Crystal Shard 

Book 2: Streams of Silver 

Book 3: The Halfling’s Gem 

Legacy of the Drow:

Book 1: The Legacy

Book 2: Starless Night

Book 3: Siege of Darkness

Paths of Darkness:

Book 2: The Silent Blade 

The Sellswords:

Book 1: Servant of the Shard 

Book 2: Promise of the Witch-King

Book 3: Road of the Patriarch

The Neverwinter Saga:

Book 1: Gauntlgrym

Book 2: Neverwinter

Book 3: Charon’s Claw

Book 4: The Last Threshold

Companions Codex:

Codex 1: The Night of the Hunter 


Book 1: Archmage 

Book 2: Maestro

Book 3: Hero

Short stories:

“The Third Level” – Short story in the Realms of Infamy anthology

“Empty Joys” – Short story in the Best of the Realms anthology.

“That Curious Sword” – Short story from the Realms of Shadow anthology.

“Wickless in the Nether” – Short story in the Realms of Dragons anthology.

Steven Brust

Vlad Taltos, killer-for-hire, assassin of the Organization, man of House Jhereg, and all around bad-ass!

Books 1-3: The Book of Jhereg

Books 4-5: The Book of Taltos

Books 6-7: The Book of Athyra

Book 8: Dragon

Book 9: Issola

Book 10: Dzur

Book 11: Jhegaala

Book 12: Iorich

Book 13: Tiassa

Book 14: Hawk

Book 15: Vallista

Sarah J. Maas

Celaena Sardothien took her first life at the age of nine, and her imprisonment in the Salt Mines has made her hard, fearless, and ruthless.

Throne of Glass:

Book 1: Throne of Glass

Book 2: Crown of Midnight

Book 3: Heir of Fire

Book 4: Queen of Shadows

Book 5: Empire of Storms

Book 6: Tower of Dawn

Book 7: Kingdom of Ash

Mark Lawrence

Nona Grey is a Red Sister, raised at the Convent of Sweet Mercy to be a killer in a crumbling empire.

Book of the Ancestor:

Book 1: Red Sister

Book 2: Grey Sister

Book 3: Holy Sister

Brandon Sanderson

Szeth-son-son-Vallano, the Assassin in White, murdered King Gavilar Kholin and sparked the war between the Alethi and Parshendi. His skills as a Surgebinder make him one to be feared!

The Stormlight Archives:

Book 1: The Way of Kings

Book 2: Words of Radiance

Book 3: Oathbringer

Andrezj Sapkowski

Geralt of Rivia: Witcher, assassin, sorcerer, and hunter of all things dark and monstrous.

The Witcher:

Book 0.5: The Last Wish

Book 1: Blood of Elves

Book 2: The Time of Contempt

Book 3: Baptism of Fire

Book 4: The Tower of Swallows

Book 5: The Lady of the Lake

Book 6: Season of Storms

George R.R. Martin

A man may be called Jaqen H’hgar by some, though as a Faceless Man of Braavos, his true name and face is never to be revealed. Valar morghulis.

A Song of Ice and Fire:

Book 2: A Clash of Kings

Book 3: A Storm of Swords

Book 4: A Feast for Crows

Book 5: A Dance with Dragons

R.J. Barker

Girton Clubfoot’s crippled foot never got in the way of getting the job done! He may look clumsy and unskilled, but don’t be fooled by appearances.

The Wounded Kingdom:

Book 1: Age of Assassins

Book 2: Blood of Assassins

Book 3: King of Assassins

Robin Hobb

The name FitzChivalry is well known and beloved, and the first young assassin to grace the pages of our favorite fantasy books. But for many, it’s Chade Fallstar, the Pocked Man, who is the most intriguing. Though he serves chiefly as Fitz’ mentor and trainer, his skills as an assassin are undeniably impressive.

Farseer Trilogy:

Book 1: Assassin’s Apprentice

Book 2: Royal Assassin

Book 3: Assassin’s Quest

The Tawny Man Trilogy:

Book 1: Fool’s Errand

Book 2: Golden Fool

Book 3: Fool’s Fate

The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy:

Book 1: Fool’s Assassin

Book 2: Fool’s Quest

Book 3: Assassin’s Fate

Steven Erikson

Kalam Mekhar, big and bearlike, yet effortless in his movements. A deadly assassin of the Seven Cities, the best of the Claw before a deadly fallout.

Malazan Book of the Fallen:

Book 1: Gardens of the Moon

Book 2: Deadhouse Gates

Book 3: Memories of Ice

Book 4: House of Chains

Book 6: The Bonehunters

Book 10: The Crippled God

Kel Kade

Raised as a killer, Rezkin is a truly epic assassin armed with magical weapons given him by a dead king.

King’s Dark Tidings:

Book 1: Free the Darkness

Book 2: Reign of Madness

Book 3: Legends of Ahn

Book 4: Kingdoms and Chaos

Jay Kristoff

At a young age, Mia Corvere joined the Red Church to become an assassin, all in the pursuit of vengeance against those who killed her family.

The Nevernight Chronicle:

Book 1: Nevernight

Book 2: Godsgrave

Book 3: Darkdawn

Michael John Grist

Sen: orphaned by disease, left with a mysterious prophecy carved into his skin, and the only savior in a world devoid of heroes.

Ignifer Cycle:

Book 1: The Saint’s Rise

Book 2: The Rot’s War

Andy Peloquin

Yes, it’s me! If you’ve gone this far down the list, consider giving my fantasy assassin—the Hunter of Voramis, half-demon bad-ass with a cursed dagger that drives him to kill—a read!

Hero of Darkness:

Book 1: Darkblade Assassin

Book 2: Darkblade Outcast

Book 3: Darkblade Protector

Book 4: Darkblade Seeker

Book 5: Darkblade Slayer

Book 6: Darkblade Savior

Book 7: Darkblade Justice

Book 0.5: Traitors’ Fate

Errik, formerly known as Two, was chosen by House Serpent, the assassin arm of the Night Guild. Ilanna’s closest ally and friend, he is a cunning killer and a force to be reckoned with!

Queen of Thieves:

Book 1: Child of the Night Guild

Book 2: Thief of the Night Guild

Book 3: Queen of the Night Guild

Traitors’ Fate

Terry Pratchett

Mr. Jonathan Teatime is an amoral, ruthless, cunning killer with physics-defying abilities and a mind bordering on the insane.


Lindsay Buroker

Sicarius dedicated his life in service to the Empire of Turgonia, and is a skilled fighter with both bladed weapons and empty hands.

The Emperor’s Edge:

Book 1: The Emperor’s Edge

Book 2: Dark Currents

Book 3: Deadly Games

Book 4: Conspiracy

Book 5: Blood and Betrayal

Book 6: Forged in Blood I

Book 7: Forged in Blood II

Book 8: Republic

David Gemmell

Dakeyras, Drenai assassin known as the Waylander, determined to hunt down those who murdered his family.


Joe Abercrombie

Shenkt, cannibal and gourmand, Eater with enhanced strength and blinding speed.

Best Served Cold

Mickey Zucker Reichert

Nightfall is a man of many talents: thief, magic wielder, swordsman, adventurer, assassin. Or, perhaps, a demon wielding terrible and awe-inspiring sorcerous abilities?

The Legend of Nightfall

Oliver Bowden, Christie Golden, Gordon Doherty

Based on the Assassin’s Creed game series, these stories follow fan-favorite assassins: Ezio, Bayek, Altair, Haytham, Edward, Arno and Elise, and many more!

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Desert Oath

Assassin’s Creed: Renaissance

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin’s Creed: The Secret Crusade

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Assassin’s Creed: Forsaken

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Assassin’s Creed: Underworld

Assassin’s Creed: Heresy

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Scott Oden

He is the Old Man of the Mountain’s greatest weapon over the warring factions of the Moslem world. A single man. A lone Assassin. The one they call the Emir of the Knife…

The Lion of Cairo

N.K. Jemisin

Ehiru is a Gatherer, a priest practicing narcomancy, a form of ritualistic compassionate assassination that claims the last life from the old, sick, maimed, and those deemed corrupt.


Book 1: The Killing Moon

Book 2: The Shadowed Sun

Jeff Wheeler

Ankarette Tryneowy is the Queen’s Poisoner, assassin who wields the art of poison-crafting better than any man can swing a blade.


Book 1: The Queen’s Poisoner

Kingfountain Prequel Tales:

The Poisoner’s Revenge

The Poisoner’s Enemy

The Maid’s War

Elizabeth Haydon

Cynical, sarcastic, hideous, and fiercely loyal, Achmed the Snake—or “The Brother”—is the greatest assassin…the Assassin King.

Symphony of Ages:

Book 1: Rhapsody: Child of Blood

Book 2: Prophecy: Child of Earth

Book 3: Destiny: Child of the Sky

Book 4: Requiem for the Sun

Book 5: Elegy for a Lost Star

Book 6: The Assassin King

Book 7: The Merchant Emperor

Book 8: The Hollow Queen

Book 9: The Weaver’s Lament

Brian Staveley

Pyrre Lakatur is skullsworn–not, to her mind, an assassin or murderer, but a priestess in service to the God of Death.

Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne:

Book 0.5: Skullsworn

David Dalglish

Young Aaron becomes Hearn, the King’s Watcher, assassin turned protector of his city.

Shadowdance Series:

Book 1: A Dance of Cloaks

Book 2: A Dance of Blades

Book 3: A Dance of Mirrors

Book 4: A Dance of Shadows

Book 5: A Dance of Ghosts

Book 6: A Dance of Chaos

Cloak and Spider: A Shadowdance Novella

Paul Kearney

Rol Cortishane was driven from his home when he discovers his blood is that of an ancient race long ago lost to time. Trained as an assassin by the beautiful but troubled Rowen, he will embark on an adventure that will make him a legend…if it doesn’t kill him first.

The Sea Beggars:

Book 1: The Mark of Ran

Book 2: This Forsaken Earth

Stevie Collier

Esh may be young, but a dark power within him makes him a killer to be reckoned with!

The Dark Assassin:

Book 1: The Four Territories

Book 2: The Fifth Territory

Book 3: Spawn of an Assassin

Raven Oak

Kidnapped at age five and trained by the assassins of the Order of Amaska, Adelei is highly skilled, clever, and determined.

Boahim Series:

Book 1: Amaskan’s Blood

Book 2: Amaskan’s War

Justin dePaoli

Astul, killer and purveyor of secrets, finds himself drawn into a shadow war between the realm of man and the dark magic threatening to destroy it.

The Assassin’s Blade:

Book 1: The Misbegotten

Book 2: The Miscreant

Book 3: The Misjudgement

Jon Kiln

Rothar’s duties as the Royal Assassin leads to a dangerous quest for justice when he finds children going missing—and a network of perfidy in the highest ranks of the nobility.

Veiled Dagger:

Book 1: Assassin’s Quest

Book 2: Assassin’s Shadow

Book 3: Assassin’s Winter

Book 4: Assassin’s Remorse

Book 5: Assassin’s Edge

J.T. Williams

Sviska serves shadowy masters hell-bent on seeing the world rid of magic, but his journey leads him to unlock secrets that could destroy the world.

Rogues of Magic:

Book 1: Winemaker of the North

Book 2: Rogues of the North

Book 3: Reckoning of the North

Devin Madson

Cassandra is a whoressassin—deadly courtesan—fighting to find peace from the voices in her mind, willing to take on the most impossible contract if it gives her the answers she seeks.

The Reborn Empire:

Book 1: We Ride the Storm

Jon Sprunk

What freelance assassin Caim lacks in scruples, he makes up for with the speed and sharpness of his blade.

Shadow Saga:

Book 1: Shadow’s Son

Book 2: Shadow’s Lure

Book 3: Shadow’s Master

Kelly McCullough

Priest and killer, Aral is named “Kingslayer” because of a goddess’ divine weapons and blessing, enabling him to murder the king in the name of justice for his slain brethren.

A Fallen Blade:

Book 1: Broken Blade

Book 2: Bared Blade

Book 3: Crossed Blades

Book 4: Blade Reforged

Book 5: Drawn Blade

Book 6: Darkened Blade

J.C. Kang

Half-elf Jie may not appear much of a threat, but woe to any who find themselves on the wrong side of her daggers!

Dragon Songs Saga:

Book 0: Prelude to Insurrection

Book 1: Songs of Insurrection

Book 2: Orchestra of Treacheries

Book 3: Dances of Deception

Book 4: Symphony of Fates

Scions of the Black Lotus

Book 1: Thorn of the Night Blossoms

Book 2: White Sheep of the Family

Book 3: Wretches of the Trench

Book 4: Temptress of Fates

Book 5: Last Heir of the North Part 1


Masters of Deception

M.L. Spencer

Quinlan Reis is a thousand-year-old mage-killer assassin trained in “shadow diplomacy.”

The Rhenwars Saga:

Book 0: Darkstorm

Book 2: Darklands

Book 3: Darkrise

Book 4: Darkfall

David Benem

Karnag Mak Ragg, brutal highlander and killer-for-hire, is determined to be the greatest slayer the world has ever known

A Requiem for Heroes:

Book 1: What Remains of Heroes

Book 2: The Wrath of Heroes

Kristin Cashore

Katsa is a smart, beautiful teenager who lives in a world where selected people are given a Grace, a special talent that can be anything from dancing to swimming. Katsa’s is killing.

Graceling Realm:

Book 1: Graceling

Book 2: Fire

Book 3: Bitterblue

Robin LaFevers

Fleeing a forced marriage, Ismae joins the convent of St. Mortain, where worship of the old gods includes bloody service to the God of Death.

His Fair Assassin:

Book 1: Grave Mercy

Book 2: Dark Triumph

Book 3: Mortal Heart

Kage Baker

Formerly an extremely successful assassin, Smith has wearied of his work and is trying to retire in another country, to live an honest life in obscurity…but people just won’t stop trying to kill him!

The Anvil of the World

David Alastair Hayden

Twenty years of faithful service to the Palymfar Order has forced Jaska Bavadi to do many things, including killing when needed. But could his true nature be hidden beneath a mind-charring spell?

Tales of Pawan Kor

Book 1: Wrath of the White Tigress

Book 2: Chains of a Dark Goddess

Book 3: Who Walks in Flame

Eve Forward

The war is over, the good guys have triumphed, and, everything is Happily Ever After…. and boring as hell. An assassin, a thief, a sorceress, a dark knight and a druid set forth to ruin everything.

Villains by Necessity

Mazarkis Williams

Eyul serves as imperial assassin, sworn to carry out whatever orders are given him by whatever ruler sits on the Petal Throne of Cerana.

The Tower and Knife Trilogy:

Book 1: Knife Sworn

Book 2: The Emperor’s Knife

Book 3: The Tower Broken

S.R. Vaught and J.B. Redmond

Aron, the apprentice to the assassin’s guild, his master, Stormbreaker, his teacher Dari, and his mysterious acquaintence, Nic, join their formidable talents of mind and body as they battle the leaders who want to destroy their land.


Part 1: Assassin’s Apprentice

Part 2: A Prince Among Killers

Paul S. Kemp

Quick to anger and driven by vengeance, Erevis Cale is a rogue, assassin, and Chosen of the Mask, wielding a magic-absorbing sword named Weaveshear.

The Erevis Cale Trilogy:

Book 1: Twilight Falling

Book 2: Dawn of Night

Book 3: Midnight’s Mask

The Twilight War:

Book 1: Shadowbred

Book 2: Shadowstorm

Book 3: Shadowrealm

William King

In a world of magic and gunpowder, the half-breed Rik must rise from simple soldier to the deadliest assassin the world has ever known.

The Terrarch Chronicles:

Book 1: Death’s Angels

Book 2: The Serpent Tower

Book 3: The Queen’s Assassin

Book 4: Shadowblood

S.D. Tower

Orphaned as a child, cast out from her village, Lale drifted until she found a place in the school of dark sorcery and assassination in Tamurin.

The Assassins of Tamurin

Philip C. Quaintrell

Born a thousand years earlier but with his memories lost to time, Asher is both a ranger and an assassin killing for hire.

Echoes of Fate:

Book 1: Rise of the Ranger

Book 2: Empire of Dirt

Book 3: Relic of the Gods

Anne Lesley Groell

Aristocratic assassin Vera Devereaux finds herself embroiled in an increasingly complex web of lies and deceit after what appears a routine job to kill the First Minister.

Cloak and Dagger:

Book 1: Anvil of the Sun

Book 2: Bridge of Valor

Book 3: Cauldron of Iniquity


Disclaimer: I am using affiliate short links on every book, so I earn a tiny percentage on any books you buy from this list. It all helps keep the lights on!