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Why So Many People Just Can't Write

I've never really had to figure out how to write--it's always just sort of been something I could do. Perhaps I didn't always do it well (I may not write well even now), but the ability to write always came pretty naturally. I could sit down and create, and the words would just flow. I think I take the skill of writing for granted, as so many other writers undoubtedly do as well. It's such a normal thing for us to write in our journal, our latest novel, our blog, or even an email. Words and ideas just flow from our brains, often without effort in many cases. We come up with crazy stories and plot twists that most people would never think of. While we're creating, others are struggling to come up with a single paragraph for a love letter or a short story. This isn't a boastful "I'm so awesome" post, but it's a look at why some people write and other just can't (or feel they can't). Here are a few reasons: Lack of practice. Writers are people who spend time every day or every week writing, and they slowly get accustomed to the habit. People who feel they can't write are either very out of practice writing (they did plenty in school, but haven't in years), or just don't see how anyone can sit at a desk and write for hours on end. Lack of reading. Being a good writer requires investing time into reading, and not everyone likes to read. People who don't read often have no desire to write either. Writing is viewed as a punishment. Did your parents or teacher make you write as a punishment? Mine did, but thankfully I no longer think of it that way. For many people, writing is still something they see as a form of torture. A belief that writing is easy. As with most forms of art, many non-writers believe that writing should be easy. When they discover that it is challenging, they often give up. Writing comes easy for some, but great writing is just plain old-fashioned hard work. These are just my opinions, but I stand by them. What do YOU think stops people from writing?