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What Really Gets to You?

I find it highly fascinating how something that doesn't affect you AT ALL one day can move you so deeply the next. Here's what I mean: The other day, I was listening to a random song on my playlist--a song called Shatter Me, by Halestorm singer Lizzy Hale. Great song, but nothing too special. I have heard it easily two dozen times, and nothing. And then, that day, something about the song hit me. It brought me to tears--the last thing I would expect from a song like that. Something about the song resonated within me at that moment, and it hit me much harder than anything has in a long time. Perhaps it was the fact that I was half-way through a massive cup of espresso coffee. Perhaps the chills down my spine came from the fan blowing away the sweat breaking out thanks to the VERY hot day. Perhaps the emotional writing I was doing at the time had something to do with it. Whatever it was, it was a pretty overwhelming emotion that came from out of nowhere. Fellow dark fantasy writer Gianna Perada said something that caught my attention: “Some things scratch the surface while others strike at your soul.” It's amazing what will hit you in a way that you are least expecting it. You may think that your day is going along swimmingly and all is well, and them, WHAM! You're hit with some overwhelming emotion from out of nowhere, brought on by the last thing you'd expect. It reminds me of this video I saw by Louie CK: Don't be surprised when something random comes out of nowhere and hits you with overwhelming emotion. Give in to it, let it flow, and feel it as it washes over you. It's going to help you not only get in touch with the character you are trying to write, but also with yourself.