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The Most Terrifying Thing of All….

The missus and I were lying in bed the other day, watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead--the one featuring Beth in the hospital. (To any of you who have not yet seen the episode, my apologies for the SPOILERS below…)

Through the episode, you discover that the people living in this hospital were basically subjugated to the rule of the people protecting them--the police officers. One of the officers tried to have his way with Beth, and when she confronted the leader of the police, the woman (yes, it's a woman) basically shrugs and says, "The system works. You keep the officers happy, and they protect us."

That, to me, was far more chilling and terrifying than anything the walkers had ever done. Throughout the seasons of The Walking Dead, the worst things have NOT been done by the walkers, but by the humans that the characters encountered.

Human nature is by far the most terrifying thing of all!

The Walking Dead isn't so much a zombie show as much as a show that illustrates the depravities of human nature. The Governor killing indiscriminately. The people at Terminus eating other humans. And now the officers at the hospital having their way with people just because they have the power to do so.

Someone once said, "There is no evil; there is only desire and what we would do to achieve it." I completely believe that human nature is the thing that is closest to evil, and it's only because we make it a point to fight that inner evil that society exists today.

What is more terrifying: a werewolf that kills a child because it is hungry, or a person who feeds a child to a werewolf in order to convince someone to do what he wants them to? In my opinion, the latter is the far more terrifying creature, and yet he is a human. The monster only does what nature compels it to do, but the human has the choice--and it chooses to do the depraved and the horrifying.

We all have our own fragment of darkness within us, that monster that howls in the night. We all try to keep it down, but there are times when it comes out--when we're angry, sad, or hurt. The people we see as "villains" are those who simply allow that dark side of human nature to come out in greater measure than society deems acceptable.

Mankind truly is the greatest monster!