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The Highlights of the Texas Book Festival

The Highlights of the Texas Book Festival

The 2015 Texas Book Festival was a total blast! I got to meet awesome people, enjoy some of the best of the Austin food and atmosphere, and even was able to visit with my sisters--who I haven't seen in a couple of years. The weather was wonderful, the people were better, and all in all, the weekend went far better than I'd hoped. Here are some pictures of the fun I had:
IMG_20151018_113242983_HDR Signing up a storm!
IMG_20151018_130121174 Notice the black contact lenses? Making my eyes look like the Hunter's...
IMG_20151018_160151176 The BEST person ever!
IMG_20151017_101606436_HDR My tiny sister Lisa (future nurse/doctor)
IMG_20151017_113539917_HDR My equally tiny sister Emmie (future writer)
IMG_20151017_113414506_HDR My not-so-tiny sister Chelsey (future accountant)
IMG_20151016_202228338 The amazing Sam, a friend from nearly a decade ago!
All in all, I could not have had a better time...