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Memories of the InD'Scribe Convention 2016

Memories of the InD'Scribe Convention 2016

I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!! First off, a massive thank you to the two people who made this conference happen:
20161006_162041 TJ McKay: How can you not love that smile?
20161006_154606 The amazing Tonya Smalley!
Of course, there were a ton of people who made it happen behind the scenes, but these two were the driving force behind it. Plus, they're uber awesome people. I didn't take many pictures because I was so busy learning, making new friends, and ramping up for the RONE Awards Ceremony, where I was a Finalist for Fantasy/Sci-Fi. Of course, when I didn't receive the award, I took the news with my usual cool, calm demeanor. 1 2 3 Here are a few of the memories I'll forever treasure from the time I spent at this conference. I can't WAIT until the next one!!!
20161007_145459 All set up and ready to tell people stories about demons and assassins...
20161008_142739 Two of the most wonderful people from the convention!
20161007_160809 Talking about my favorite subject: VILLAINS!
20161008_183343 First time in a suit in 4 years.
20161008_185956 Lovely smile from a lovely person--HER, not me. :D
20161008_190058 Mary B. Rose the Fascinating!
20161007_213244 Yep, that's me dancing
20161007_213255 Turns out I've only one left foot
Who's that in the mask?