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I Am Terrified

This is the first post on my new website, a website I will use to showcase myself as a writer and as a human being. Many people know me, but few people know what goes on inside my head. This blog is going to be a place where a little bit of me will come out, and anyone that is interested to know more about me is welcome to read on. As an intro to me, let me tell you something about myself: To me, there is nothing more terrifying than trying something new. No, I'm not talking about eating a new food or brushing my hair in a new style. I'm talking about doing something I've never done before. Something that requires an investment of money. Anyone who had the same low-income upbringing as I did knows exactly how difficult it can be to spend money on something without knowing for sure that it will pay off. Taking risks is absolutely terrifying for me, which is probably why I'm forcing myself to do it. I've invested a whole lot of time and a good deal of money into this venture, and I'm shaking even as I type this. I'm worried that it's not going to pay off, that my writing skills just aren't good enough, that no one will ever want to buy my books or comics, and on and on the list goes… Being terrified, unfortunately for me, is the only way that I am ever going to succeed in life. Trying new things, going new places, making investments without any guarantee that they will pay off, these are the things that are going to make me not only a better person, but a better writer. Have you ever noticed how it's the f*****d up people that produce the best writing? Especially fiction. They're the ones that have the real depth of character, and that depth is what moves you beyond "Oh, what an interesting-looking book" to "Damn, that was an f*****g good story!" I ramble, but that's to be expected from a new blogger/author like myself. I just wanted to introduce myself in a way that hopefully will get you to say, "Hey, there's someone that I can relate to." I hope you do come back, and take this terrifying new journey with me. Who knows where we'll be in a year or two? Let the terror begin!