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How to Make Time to Write

Struggling to find time to write? I know it's hard for me to fit my writing time into the middle of a busy day. Considering all that needs to get done in the day, it's no surprise that most of us just can't seem to get in that 1,000 words per day! I've managed to make time to write through my day, but it hasn't been easy. Perhaps the tips and tricks that work for me could work for you, so here's what helps me to make the time: Finishing all work first -- I can't write until I am certain my work for the day is done. My mind just won't rest easy until work is done. So I make it a point to get all of the "necessary" stuff out of the way before a certain time of day. That way, when I sit down to write, my mind is clear of worries. Setting a time -- I may be a bit OCD, but it helps me a lot to have a set time of day to write. It also helps my wife, who knows how important it is for me to get in my time. During that 45 to 60 minutes (however long it takes me to get that 1,000 words in), she will handle the kids and their problems so I can have that time as sacred. Setting a time limit -- If I was to write for hours every day, my wife and kids would have serious issue with that. So I make it a point to set my time to just 1 HOUR--enough to get in the 1,000 words (and even a bit more), but not an endless amount of time. Saying "No" -- I've missed out on parties, school events, special activities, and even just time relaxing simply because I had to say "No, I need my writing time." It sucks, but it's a part of being a professional writer, in my opinion. Focusing -- I listen to music, chew gum, and drink something warm to get my body and mind in the mood for writing, but it's the music that blocks out all distractions. When writing (particularly emotional scenes), distractions are the WORST thing possible. Understanding the process -- I've come to understand the way my mind works, and I'm okay with it. For the rough draft, it's all about the story--so writing quality be damned. For the first draft, it's all about the writing quality, so word count be damned. Even if I just write 500 words in that hour, as long as they are quality I can be okay with it. Eliminating time-wasters -- For that 1 hour a day, I close Facebook, sign out of my email, and basically make myself as un-contact-able as possible. It works! This is how I manage to make the time to write, and it feels good to get stuff done. What do you do to find the time in your busy day?