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Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Grammar Check

Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Grammar Check

On this week's Creative Writing Resources post, I want to share a tool that was brought to my attention. While it's something I haven't personally used (I have PERFECT grammar, after all) yet, it's definitely something that could come in handy. Grammar Check is a free grammar and checker that you can use to search your writing (web copy, marketing content, or novel) for errors. It works best with small chunks of text at a time, and (it seems) you have to pay a fee for a deeper check—which is done via Grammarly, not through Grammar Check itself. However, even the free check is good enough to help you clean up some of your more common grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. The checker catches:
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Style mistakes
  • Punctuation mistakes
  • Grammar mistakes
It also makes suggestions on how you can clean up your writing. To test it out, I snatched a paragraph from the excerpt of Anaerfell I posted last week. (Apologies to Joshua Robertson for using his work as a crash dummy): Original text: "Erzebeth convulsed. Her fur and skin shedding away while she wheeled about on the ground in agony. The bones readjusted and organs reset from beast to human. Where a beast had stood was now the naked figure of Erzebeth. Cuts and scratches patterned her body, but none were fatal." The free check only found the name Erzebeth as mistakes, but the Deep Check found a few more issues: errors Not bad! In addition to the Grammar Check, the site has a number of handy infographics to educate you on writing-related topics. For more advanced writers, the tools may not be useful. However, if you're a writer just learning the art of painting pictures with words, you'd do well to check out the site.