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Book Review: Thief of the Night Guild by Andy Peloquin

Book Review: Thief of the Night Guild by Andy Peloquin

As is my tradition with each new book launch, I like to share some of the reviews posted for the book. These reviews aren't written by me (that would be cheating!), but they're written by independent, third-party, unbiased reviewers.

Thief of the Night Guild (Queen of Thieves Book 2)

"I am Ilanna, Journeyman of House Hawk. I do the impossible." A cunning thief of unrivaled ingenuity, Ilanna is determined to secure her freedom. Nothing will prevent her escape from the Night Guild's callous cruelty, not even the most powerful man in Praamis, Duke Phonnis. Thief of the Night Guild Cover Commanding a crew of pickpockets, bounty hunters, poisoners, and assassins, Ilanna schemes to disgrace the Duke. She must survive blackmail, a bloodthirsty rival syndicate, and enemies within her own House to claim her spoils: vengeance for the deaths of her friends and gold to buy independence. But all Ilanna's skill may not suffice to protect the one person who matters most: her son.


5 Stars: "Peloquin shifts gears with this book. While the last one was more biopic, following GiRL from the age of seven until her early twenties as she has her ups and downs dealing with her rival, the brutal Sabot, this book is a heist thriller through and through. And with all the grimdark fantasy elements Peloquin is so skilled at balancing. Thief of the Night Guild is a riveting read, keeping you following the intricacies of Ilanna plan as she has to overcome new obstacles, deal with dubious allies, and race against the clock to get everything ready for her window. Because if she doesn't, more than she will pay the price." – RJ Reviews on Amazon 4 Stars: "If you thought the little one was a bada$$ before you have NOT seen anything yet. This author says he wanted to show that women can be strong and powerful and resourceful and he surely does. Wonderful read, imagery that puts you in the midst of all the action." – Teri on Amazon 5 Stars: "Rarely have I come across a book, a series, written so eloquently, full of passion, joy, trauma, adventure, determination, and a will to succeed above anything else. What does one write after reading such perfection? Thief of the Night Guild (Queen of Thieves #2) is a perfect rendition of the exact manner in which one should write a fantasy novel." – Tiffany Landers Have You Heard on Goodreads 5 Stars: "OMG. My head is still spinning. This book is totally unpredictable and had me on a rollercoaster of emotions." – Lesia Connelly Vargas on Goodreads I'm thrilled by the positive reception so far, and I can't WAIT until the 2 and 3-star reviews come rolling in so I can learn how I can make the next book (Queen of the Night Guild) even better!

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