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Book Review: Operation Camilla by Tabitha Ormiston Smith

Book Review: Operation Camilla by Tabitha Ormiston Smith

It's Bonus Book Review Saturday, and today I'm bringing you something a bit out of the ordinary. It's a dark comedy mixed with a mystery—something I found enjoyable, and I'm sure you will too! (Read my review of Tabitha's Once Upon a Dragon and Dance of Chaos)

Operation Camilla

A sleazy solicitor hacks into a dating website in order to boost his failing family law practice. But he doesn't count on Tom! Meanwhile, Tammy has found her dream man, but can she keep him?operation-camilla-bk-2-cover-ebook-2april2016-2500operation-camilla-bk-2-cover-ebook-2april2016-2500 There’s romance, there’s mystery, there’s humour. And there’s a cat!

My Review: 4 Stars

This book was fun, short, and beautifully snarky! It has that classic Tabitha Ormiston Smith humor that made me (literally) laugh out loud, and I couldn't put the book down all the way through. Make no mistake: this isn't literary gold. Don’t go into this book expecting a high-octane tale of hackers, hard-boiled police detectives, and difficult crimes. Think of this as one of those low-budget movies that become cult classics because they're just so enjoyable! No heavy reading or thought-provoking depth, just a rollicking good time.

Here's a Taste:

Josh regarded his uncle sceptically. “Seems odd they don’t have their own computer people, though. I mean, a big organisation like Asio.” Blackman tapped the side of his nose. “It’s a black op, Josh. Full freedom, but no support. I’m on my own with this. And I need the help of someone I can trust. I need your help, Josh. For the children,” he finished, with a significant look. “Children? What children?” Damn, he’d laid it on too thick. “Figure of speech, mate. I mean the security of our nation, and the country our children are going to inherit, see what I mean?” “Alright, Uncle Don. What was it you wanted me to do?” “I need you to hack into a website. This website.” He passed over a slip of paper. “I want to know everyone they have dealings with.” Josh stared at the paper. “Uncle Don, I know this site. It’s a dating agency.” “Ostensibly. Huh? Huh?” He waggled his eyebrows in what he hoped was a meaningful way. “I want to know everyone who’s on their list, and the codenames they’re using. If you can get copies of their communications in and out, that would be ideal.” “But Uncle Don, a dating agency?” “Think about it, Josh. Communications going in and out all the time. People using code names. Meetings being arranged. Think about it. We want to know where and when those meetings are taking place.” He had him now. The kid’s eyes were shining. “Can you do it, Josh? Remember, no risks. I may risk my own life for my country, but yours is not on the table.” “Let me see what I can do, ’kay?” “And no talking about it on the phone. If you see me anywhere but here, don’t say anything. This room’s been swept for bugs, but…” Josh nodded. “Say no more, Uncle Don. My lips are sealed.” He made a zipping gesture across his mouth. “We’ll meet back here in, say, a week. If anyone asks, I was having some trouble with my computer. Everyone knows I’m a technophobe. It’s useful for them to know that, if you know what I mean.” “Geez. Do you have, like, a Batcave under here?” Good lord. The boy was even younger than he looked. Blackman did his best to paste a mysterious expression on his face. “Need to know basis, Josh, capisce?”

About the Author:

Tabitha Ormiston-Smith has spent her life in the pursuit of a good laugh. This quest has taken her through financial reporting, Information Technology, the military, commercial recovery and degrees in Computer Science, Philosophy and Law. Still on the hunt, now Tabitha shares her kills with her readers. Find the book on Amazon: Read her thoughts on her website: Follow her on Facebook: Tweet at her: @OrmistonSmith