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Book Review: In Shambles Anthology

Book Review: In Shambles Anthology

It's Book Review Wednesday, and today we've got a collection of short stories--including one by Kevin J. Anderson

In Shambles

In Shambles … that was my life. I sat in a cell all day wondering what could have been. Thinking about it only made me feel worse. I was lost until someone left me this book about people just like me. People that made mistakes … people that tried to redeem themselves … people that failed. It helped me cope with the things I’ve done. It helped me find peace.

To those whose lives are In Shambles, crack open this book. See what it can do for you … B1pAd1FCAAASYAn

My Review: 5 Stars

Written/Reviewed by Samuel Denberg Anthologies offer us readers a chance to discover new authors, and for authors to seek new audiences. This book is no different. It mixes new and established authors in a way that keeps the readers interested and gives them a chance to judge new writers for themselves, without having to buy and read a whole book. As with all anthologies, some of the writers are better than others. Likewise, every story in this collection is unlikely to appeal to every reader. But, that's why there are so many different styles included in this book. There's something here to disturb the sleep of all lovers of the strange and the tragic. From plotting werewolves to a zombie P.I., this anthology has it all. An evil school principal, a possessed sweater, metal-eating ghouls, a misunderstood drunk, and murderous nature spirits are only a few of the strange and unreal things you will find in this anthology. The arrangement of the stories was very well done. The book begins with the creepy, is lightly sprinkled with some dark or twisted humor, proceeds to the disturbing, and ends with the bizarre. All in all, a well-arranged read that will provide hours of delightfully disturbing, reading. Find the book on Amazon: