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Book Review: Genesis by Wade Garrett 

Book Review: Genesis by Wade Garrett 

Our book today is a unique combination of fantasy, cyberpunk, science fiction, dystopian, and a few other genres I can't begin to name!


After a year of laborious solitude and a conflict brought to the doorstep of his father's house, Jak, a Southlander of meek circumstance, will come to accept the future isn't set. With abilities unnerving to any Areht, against forgotten enemies rising in every corner of the planet, he’ll be forced to resolve his destiny as One of Five that can change the world. Such selfless transcendence isn’t easy, nor simply the heroic result of dark revelations shielded from him since childhood now exposed; rather, it's because of what’s undeniable, even to him. Like all great forces collected at the tip of the spear, the truth of his purpose and the price of his existence has a cost and there's no getting around paying it in blood. 1075133_10151599525712503_730649909_n copy

My Review: 3 Stars

Written/Reviewed by Samuel Denberg This has been a very difficult book to read and review. To begin with, I absolutely loved the hook and the writing style. From the characters dialogue to the quotes at the beginning of chapters, I very much enjoyed the author's skill at constructing a complicated world with interesting people. The downside is that there's little or no explanation or back-story given for anything. Right from the beginning, we are told it is the “third age”. OK, the third age of what? Why is this the third age? What happened to the second age? These questions and more are never answered. This author has great potential and is probably a terrific lecturer or essay writer. This book has everything it needs to make it a great story except the story itself. It lacks both narrative and description. I finished reading it because I enjoyed the style. The reader is left to wonder if this world is a future Earth or a completely different universe. The narrative is often hard to follow because the POV switches from one character at one time to another in possibly a different time, right in the middle of chapters with no warning. This makes it difficult to keep track of who is doing what where and when. This story is about continuing war. The enemy seems some kind of giant cyborg bug, which was thought to have been defeated and or destroyed at some unknown time in the past. The story centers around a small group of people, one of whom has discovered his father's mysterious sword. The sword seems to grant or awaken some kind of power within our hero, but it's unclear if his power is purely mental or some kind of man machine hybrid. That said, I look forward to seeing how Wade's writing grows form here!

Here's a Taste:

“She is alive,” said Master Hurac roughly a minute or so after Master Zandril’s last call. Awake, but tired, Leia closed her eyes again. Was this a dream or another nightmare made real? After all she’d been through, she couldn’t be sure. She heard Evangeline in her thoughts, but couldn’t discern her words. Her right hand fell away from the glowing red sphere hovering infront of her above a smooth silver plate, curved inward to hold the orb when inactive. Unlike Master Hurac on his way to the stairs at the end of the second level’s open walkway, Head Master Palomeer, seeing Leia’s left hand still on the orb, remained in place. Until it too fell harmlessly to her side, he’d wait to approach the child just returned to their side of reality’s colorful bend. At Palomeer’s silent request, the Tark moved in as a precaution. The M-Noid, standing roughly 2.31648 silver meters, weighing approximately 220 kg, represented the vanguard in Areht advancement. Particularly in the areas of mechanized miniaturization and fiberoptic energy storage. And because this unique model wasn’t weighed down with as much or as heavy reinforced plating as normal Tark Units, it moved with a more humanlike quality and control. Much quieter too. His Tark Unit shielding his position, Palomeer advanced. Dripping with a sweaty, surreal feeling—the kind when either at death’s door or the broken window of insanity, Leia sighed. Her breath tasted stale and her teeth dusty. When was last time she used her lungs? How long had it been since she saw Jak? “It is alright,” began Master Hurac, his words articulated to achieve maximum results. “You—” Leia lifted her head to see who was talking and her left hand broke connection with Red 6. The resulting effect was instantaneous. And because she didn’t have the necessary skills to redirect, filter or compensate such terribly accumulated forces, in anyway—in relation to her transgressions against various Natural Laws—she was hammered to the ground so violently the floor cracked beneath her. Microseconds after pounding Leia like a nail through stone, the backlash reached the barrier. Sizzling across the field, the unknown energy caused several of the dampeners to catch fire. Ancient panels operating the lab's most expensive, some irreplaceable testing tools in the corner of the room, malfunctioned. Sparks flew. Everything then went black, except Red 6 and the little light given off by the damaged barrier flickering in the blackness. “Leia?” Master Hurac waved away Palomeer’s illegal bodyguard. The M-Noid lowered its blast arm, but continued to scan the room. No. Leia wasn’t a threat. The reserve power coils hidden in the bowels of the Tower slowly reactivated. One by one the protocols returned to full strength. The lab’s many secret wonders soon hummed back to life. Leia whispered. “I don’t want to die.” Reading her lips, Master Hurac, surprised she still had a head, even more a mind, ran to deactivate the system. Buried in her head, Leia heard Cyrano say: “You already are.”

About the Author:

Wade Garret, 33, born in NY, but raised in the Southern United States, is married to a wonderful woman and lucky to have his first beautiful daughter. When not reading, writing or occasionally drinking at the pub, he can be found researching the latest comics or in the chair of his favorite tattoo shop. GENESIS is only the beginning of Mr. Garret’s epic Kingdom Come series. Find the book on Amazon: Or on Barnes and Noble: Check out Wade's Website: Tweet at him: @wadejgarret