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Book Review: Cherry Blossom Ball by Erika Jayne

Book Review: Cherry Blossom Ball by Erika Jayne

It's Bonus Book Review Saturday and we're headed into a world of fairies, werewolves, vampire Hunters, and who knows what else?

The Cherry Blossom Ball

Vampyre Hunter Dayamanti Karrieá and Half-Fae Freya Mackenzie have one thing in common - neither of them fit in in the supernatural world. As the annual Cherry Blossom Ball approaches, each of them receives an invite that fills them with dread. All guests from the supernatural educational system--nicknamed the House of Alternatives--have been chosen by the highest power, and once they accept the black and gold envelope, they have no choice but to attend. The reluctant women arrive at the ball and find it just as they imagined, until a murder is committed. 5251fa7e-ec09-49fe-8904-d5b36eddba70 Shock ripples through the ball, as Dayamanti and Freya are surprised by the Supernatural Councils apparent lack of interest in the crime, they become determined to find out who committed the murder and if will they strike again. One thing you can be certain of--this year, it will be murder on the dance floor.

My Review: 3 Stars

I loved the opening of the book! It felt like Brandon Sanderson's The Rithmatist, just with fairies instead of chalk wizards and a female protagonist. But within a few pages, I was to be disappointed. The number of mistakes and typos was far too high for my preferences. I understand a few are to be expected, but there was a lot of missing punctuation, grammar mistakes, VERY obvious repetitions, and typos all around. I'd guess that it didn't undergo the tender ministrations of a professional editor before being published, or at least that's how it looks. The story itself was a bit flat and two-dimensional. There was no real growth, no serious emotional investment in the characters. Why are we supposed to root for Dayamanti and Freya? The author gave me no reason to like them, and there was no depth to the characters. When there was a major death in the book--something that should have been very dramatic and full of feeling--I felt nothing. Overall, the story had a lot of potential, but it was lacking in that depth of character and plot that could have made it excellent.

Here's a Taste:

“Then we shall begin.” Standing with my legs slightly apart, I stare at Professor Roe as he continues. “The whole point of the examination Ms Karrieá is not necessarily to win but to use all the skills that you have been taught in this class. To potentially put yourself in an advantageous position over your opponent, in this case me. You have no weapons other that your body.” “Right, can we just get this over with?” My voice flat, as I bend my head from left to right. Professor Roe quickly throws a punch towards my face; easily I knock aside, while using my right elbow to connect with his cheek. There is a satisfying thud; pulling his right arm towards my waist, I spin on my heels and make sure my left elbow makes contact with the nape of his neck. Finally with a solid kick to the back of his knees, Professor Roe lands face first on to the floor. I have to resist the urge to cheer and shout, I am the only student to get the Professor onto the floor in this mid-term. Taking a step back, I start to roll my shoulders. Probably should have warmed up before the exam. Professor Roe pushes himself onto his knees and with a stern and focused look states in a strong clear voice states. “Again” “Fine” I groan. I decide this time not to wait for Professor Roe to make the first move, in several quick steps I cross the space between us and my fist makes contact with his cheek, as follow through by forcing his nose into my knee, he grabs my legs and flips me onto my back. I can’t breathe. My chest hurts. I have to move! I need to move, I am sitting duck here. “Come on Day! Move your ass.” Glancing behind Professor Roe, I look into the black eyes of Trey. A smile forms on my face as I bide my time. I just need Professor Roe to come a fraction closer. He is now within striking distance, I use all my force and kick him hard in the chest, and Professor Roe stumbles backwards. Springing to my feet I manage to brace myself before he tries several times to hit me in the face. I block a left punch, right punch, an upper cut. Without warning, he uses his foot to sweep me off balance, my arms start flailing in hopes to stop from falling and Professor Roe uses that moment to plant his fist directly into my nose. Shit! There is a loud crack and my eyes instantly start to water. Pain radiates across my cheek and to the corner of my eye. Wrapping my hand around his neck, I pull his head towards my raised knee and wait for the crack. It’s loud and I can’t help but smile. With a smooth and practised movement I sweep his legs out from beneath him and Professor Roe lands unceremoniously with a loud thud on the floor.

About the Author:

Erika Jayne (1986) was born in Bristol UK and moved to Wiltshire when she was still young. An avid reader from a young age, it was this love of reading that led Erika Jayne to start writing her own novels. Erika Jayne's debut novel - Cherry Blossom Ball - is already sparking intrigue and a steady following around the globe. Cherry Blossom Ball is the first novel in the House of Alternatives - which is being called a mesmerzing and haunting book series full of fantasy and mystery. Find the Book on Amazon: Read her thoughts on her website: Connect with her on Facebook: Tweet at her: Twitter