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Book Review: Body Language Bible by C.K. Murray  

Book Review: Body Language Bible by C.K. Murray  

Bonus Book Review Saturday, my favorite day of the week! Today, we're getting out of the realm of fiction and heading into the non-fiction territory…

Body Language Explained

Prepare yourself. You are about to learn invaluable strategies for improving your life TODAY. Did you know that 93% of what we say isn't actually said? That nonverbal communication and the language of the body are indispensable to healthy, happy living? Whether trying to grasp body language basics, unlock body language secrets, or harness the power of the subconscious mind, nonverbal communication has the power to change your life forever. Without a firm understanding of nonverbal cues, we will never achieve optimal success. Instead, we'll slink through life unsure and unimpressive, never reaching our full potential and never knowing what could have been. Is that what you want? newbody

My Review: 4 Stars

I found this book to be quite helpful in a few ways. As a writer, I am always looking for ways to "show" instead of "tell". As the book explained the body language cues, it helped me to know what people do when they are lying, hiding something, telling the truth, showing interest, and so on. It actually made it a bit easier for me to write more effectively. The writing was simple and plain, and the information is communicated in a very easy-to-understand way. You don't have to be uber-intelligent to read this book, but it's one anyone can pick up and comprehend easily. There are two reasons I gave it four stars:
  1. There's not enough depth. The information in the book is the kind of stuff you can find on ANY website, and there's very little new in there. I could do a Google Search and find all of the data for free. It would take hours, but I could learn about body language cues without having to buy the book. There's no "secrets" or "nifty tricks" to give this book the added value that would cause people to purchase it.
  2. There are no sources. Copywriting is all about delivering information in an interesting way, but where do you get your information from? There are no sources to back up the claims and statements made in the book, so there's no PROOF that the book is true or not. Anyone writing non-fiction--especially of this nature--knows that providing resources, scientific studies, and published journal papers is the best way to prove that what they're saying is true.
A good read for those who want a simple primer to body language!

Here's a Taste:

Body language is everything. Every minute of every day, our bodies are talking. When we’re finishing that last bit of work, when we’re walking around our neighborhoods, moving about our grocery stores, at sporting events and movie theatres and shopping malls and stores and interacting with a cashier at the drive-thru at McDonald’s—everywhere we go, our bodies speak. From the way we tilt our heads, blink our eyes, touch our noses and move our mouths; everything we don’t say, says something.

About the Author:

C.K. Murray is a health promoter, addiction and recovery counselor, motivator, and autodidact. Having worked in various fields and careers, Murray now enjoys spending free time with his girlfriend, and best friend, in the Pacific Northwest. Born in 1959, Murray has an extensive personal knowledge of health-related issues. Beginning with drugs and alcohol abuse in his teens, Murray spent years in and out of treatment programs. He landed in outpatient and inpatient recovery, weekend interventions, 28-day rehabilitations, and a variety of transitional housing for addiction. After a long bout with depression and the criminal justice system, Murray finally got clean. He is currently in his 8th year of sobriety and continues to this day to attend addiction and rehabilitation meetings. He is a proponent of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and a firm believer in the combined power of group therapy and self-help. He continues to help numerous addicts conquer their demons and enjoy successful, meaningful lives. You can find the book on Amazon: Connect with C.K. Murray on Facebook: