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Book Review: Alternate by Ernie Fuentes

So I'm starting a new feature on my blog: Book Review Wednesdays (and the occasional Saturday--like this post). Every week, I'm going to TRY to have a new book for your reading pleasure. I may not like all the books that I read, but I will make it a point to ONLY post books that I find worth your reading time. If there's nothing good about them, I will not post. First up, a short story by author Ernie Fuentes:


An assassin must travel back in time to stop a fellow assassin from altering the past and forever changing the future. Cover: IMG_0218

My Review -- 4 Stars

Let me start off by saying that I'm not a huge fan of short stories, but I really felt moved by this one. From the first line, I could definitely feel the pain the main character was suffering as he felt the loss of his daughter. Yet he didn't wallow in it--which would have lost my interest--but immediately I was hooked by the promise of future tech. As the story went on, the author touched on the feeling of loss a number of times, but in a way that kept it present without shoving it down the reader's throat. A few of the reviewers pointed out that the ending was a total surprise, but by the second act I knew exactly what was going to happen. There were also a few grammatical/punctuation errors throughout, but the story held my attention enough that I hardly noticed them. That being said, I didn't enjoy the ending any less. All in all, it was a satisfying story to read, and one that I would highly recommend.

About the Author:

Ernie Luis is a college student down in Miami studying sports and fitness. He loves drinking beers and growing beards. Hobbies include adventures and road trips with friends, obnoxiously yelling at his favorite sports teams whether they're doing good or bad, and eating. When he's not doing any of those, he's probably writing and chasing his dream of telling people stories. You can find him on: Facebook: Twitter: @frikkercus His Blog: And his EXCELLENT short story on Amazon: