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Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Writers World Facebook Group

If you know how to use it right, Facebook can be an AMAZING resource for writers. Not only can it help you to reach people who will be interested in your work, but it can teach you so much about the craft of creative writing from every aspect. One of the resources that has become invaluable to my creative writing process is a Facebook group called Writers World.

Click Here to Visit Writers World

Untitled According to the "About Us" section: Writers World is for serious writers to come in and discuss methodology, rules, techniques, and other issues with writing. The beauty of this room is that there are NO SOLICITATIONS! No links to books, blogs, or anything else. It is a critique room, plain and simple. Be warned: you must have thick skin to post your work for critique here! The people are kind, but honest, direct, and have no hesitation to call you out on weak writing. No other group has ever made me doubt my skill as a writer more, and no other group has helped me develop my confidence as a writer more. The group is run by a former editor for Disney, so you know he knows his stuff. There are a lot of excellent writers and critiquers here, and you'll find that they will help slice and dice your work. They won't bash, but they will definitely pick your work apart for the purpose of helping you to improve. My advice: request to join the Facebook Group, scroll through the works already posted, and get a feel for how it works. You'll see that there are a few people whose advice you DEFINITELY want to take, and you can see how they critique your work. If you dare to post, prepare for some honest feedback. Don't take offense, try to understand where the critiquers are coming from, and take their feedback with a grain of salt. TRUST ME, it will make your writing far better! You do need to understand that these people have their own styles and preferences for writing, so their word is not law. But they will give you a lot of valuable advice and improve your work drastically. Writers World has also spawned a lot of other, more specialized groups: (Taken from the Writers World page) If you are a poet, we have a room for poets call Writers World Poets Corner at If you are a visual artist we have a room called: Writers World White room If you write erotica, we have a room called: Writers World Red Room If you write faith based material, we have a room called: The Chapel If you want a BETA reader come to room: The Library If you want to write Children's material, we have a room called: Kaleidoscope If you want to write Young Adult, we have a room called The Youth Movement (YA) If you want to discuss publishing and how to break into the market come to the Writers World Green Room: If you want to write Sci fi, Horror, or Fantasy, we have a room called Outer Limits If you write westerns, we have a room called Writers World Western Room: If you want to post some music that inspires you when you write, come to the Writers World music room: If you want to discuss comedy and the use of it in your work, we have a room called Writers World Comedy Room: If you are a mystery writer, we have a room called Writers World Mystery Room: We have many authors who are interviewed and some that are pod casted and blogged. We have a site to view these at:…/724430637651916/724431424318504/… We have a Romance room for romance writers (not as graphic as the Erotica room. If you wish to have your work viewed by other Romance writers, go here to the Romance Room: Twice a year, the administrator runs a boot camp (fee required) The room is six months of lessons and writing, with a novel at the end of it. If you are interested, the site is WW Boot Camp: Note: I participated in the Boot Camp, and I enjoyed it immensely. For those who need help kicking their own butts to write a novel, this is definitely worth it!