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Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: MS Wishlist

Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: MS Wishlist

When it comes to creative writing, I sit down with a very definite goal in mind: tell a story I have already outlined and defined. However, that's just me. I know many writers actually like hearing ideas and inspiration from other sources. It helps them to come up with creative concepts that are more "marketable". To that end, I present to you the latest resource for creative writing: Manuscript Wishlist, or MS Wishlist. MS Wishlist is a website where agents and editors post their "I wish I could have this!" For example, here are a few of today's (Monday Sep 19th) wishlist posts:
  • #MSWL in YA or Adult -> original ghost stories, eerie near-contemporary settings, long buried secrets, high concept coming of age.
  • You know what I really want to read? The BAD MOMS for the expecting moms-to-be and the not-gonna-happens and the not-quite-yets. #WF #MSWL
  • Really want a story about a girl who works in a library and falls in love with someone through the books she pulls for them.
  • Craving exciting high fantasy: rich secondary world, complex characters, subtle magic, and high stakes.
  • Old Hollywood was the worst. Love to see something set there that doesn't sugarcoat it.
These are all posts by agents and editors from big-name literary agencies and publishing houses, so you know they're ideas that could appeal to the people you need to reach to get your books in the right place. If you're looking for a direction for your next story, this is an EXCELLENT site to check out. You may be thinking, "But I want to write the story I want to write!" Good for you. You should always try to tell the story that is as true to YOU as possible. But, let me tell you this: what if you could tell YOUR story, but make it something people are looking for? If you can tweak your story so it will appeal to agents before you even write it, you have a MUCH better chance of success in the long run!