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Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Grammar Girl

Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Grammar Girl

When it comes to creative writing, the "creative" is so much easier than the "writing". It's so easy to come up with a beautiful scene, an elaborate plot, or a complex character background. But when it comes time to actually write it into a book or story, that's where most of us fall short. Using words to paint a picture is a lot harder than we realize! Finding creative writing resources is always a challenge, which is why I was so happy to stumble across the Grammar Girl column on the Quick and Dirty Tips website. The column has a pretty extensive range of random grammar and writing tips on just about every topic under the sun.
Granted, some of them are a bit more eccentric, such as:
  • The Origin of "Straw Man"
  • What is a Canard?
  • Should You Capitalize "The Force" in Star Wars?
  • Plural of Mongoose
The column covers a wide range of strange and unusual grammar tips, so prepare to do a bit of sifting to find more useful information among the highly eclectic collection. However, there are a lot of very helpful posts, such as: If you need help polishing your grammar, the information you can find on Grammar Girl's column can come in handy. Just be ready to wade through a lot of "clickbait" topics (Celebrity Grammar, products, quizzes, etc.)!