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Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Facebook Marketing Pages Part 1

Facebook is one of the most useful tools in a writer's arsenal! Not only is it amazing for creative writing resources (like the Writers World page I posted last week), but it's also an excellent place for marketing. I notice that a lot of writers post links to their books in the many marketing and book-oriented Facebook Pages and Groups. These Pages/Groups allow you to post links freely, and they're a sort of free marketing tool. Disclaimer: I haven't seen a lot of results using this method. It seems like a lot of authors shouting at each other, but not putting the books in front of readers (the people you want to reach). However, a lot of self-published authors swear by it, so it may be worth a try. (Note: Read the rules of the page/group before posting. Some will only allow once per day/week, while others have a certain day available for promo. If you don't follow the rules, you'll get kicked out!) Here is a list of a few groups and pages where you can post links to your book/s once it is available online: The Pop Cauldron Authors, Readers, Reviewers and Bloggers Writers and Readers Unite Announce/Brag/Showoff Bookpalooza Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans Review Seekers Bloggers & Authors Connect ;-) Indie Author Book Promotion Page For the Love of Books Book Promotion BOOKS, READERS and AUTHORS Book Junkie Promotions Book Reviews Celebrating Authors Independent Authors eBooks and reviews please! BOOK PLACE Promote Your Book! Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Favorites| Authors, Agents, and Aspiring Writers This is just a short list (20 pages/groups), and I will continue to post links to more over the next few months. If you know of any more groups/pages that allow you to post links, drop a comment below and I'll add it into the next list. Thanks, and best of luck with the marketing!