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Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Facebook Live

Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Facebook Live

Facebook is your worst enemy when it comes to creative writing, but it's great for promoting yourself as a writer! If you're looking for new ways to make your social media platform work for you, it's vital that you stay up to date. That means not only understanding the newest changes to the algorithms, but also the new tools provided. Facebook released the Live video streaming in 2015, and it has already become one of the most popular tools for savvy social media users—not just marketers, but people and companies looking to build a brand. Facebook Live videos allow you to reach your followers and fans instantly, and interact with you in a whole new way. Facebook Live can be a valuable asset in increasing social media engagement. We've come up with a few ways you can use Facebook Live videos for your business:

Promote an Event

Writing clever copy for an ad, marketing campaign, or email is a great way to pique your customers' interest, but it's not the only way. Why not talk to them IN PERSON? With Facebook Live, you can set up an event and talk to people about the event yourself. You can give them the most important details, let them know about the incentives you're offering, and answer any questions they may have. It's much more fun to receive the notification of the event in person, via Live video, than in an email. You can still use emails to follow up after the video and provide further information, but the Live video allows you to give the first details in person. finger-769300_1280

Answer Questions

If your customers have questions, it's up to you to answer them. Thanks to Facebook Live, it's easier than ever! For example, if one of your readers has questions about your book, you can give them answers personally. Or, why not use it to answer questions about your upcoming release? You can get on Facebook Live and talk to people directly about the even. It's a way to provide your followers and fans with INSTANT access to answers.

Introduce a New Book

If you're rolling out a new book or series, consider hosting a Facebook Live session to roll it out in style. You can make it a whole product launch video, complete with someone (beta reader, editor, ARC reader, etc.) giving their feedback on the book. It's a much more interactive, personalized way to launch a novel via social media. facebook-715811_640

Share Content

Facebook users respond to other people, not necessarily products. They want to hear from YOU, the person behind the company, brand, or event. Help them get to know you, and you'll have much better engagement. Share content you find interesting, or that has helped you. Perhaps you're doing research for a new book or trying to figure out a new story. When you find content that provides value, share it with your followers. Help people get to know YOU, and they're far more likely to connect with your brand and message.

Go Behind the Scenes

Attending a conference or participating in a book reading? Set up a Facebook Live video and use your smartphone to take your viewers back-stage, into the producers' rooms, or even to interact with your fellow authors or performers. This "behind the scenes" insight can make your social media followers feel like they are getting exclusive access to something that no one else is. That right there is adding value and capitalizing on people's desire to feel special and exclusive. You can use Facebook Live to show the team preparing the event or doing the planning of the event itself. Your social media followers can be a valuable resource to help you plan the event, as they can provide input in the early stages.

Interview People

You'd be amazed by how many people in your circle or team have interesting things to say! Set up a weekly or monthly Facebook Live interview with fellow authors, your favorite reviewers, or editors. Heck, even step outside your circle and interview people who are important in your niche. Give these people a chance to share their insight, advice, and thoughts. It will provide value to the people who follow your brand, and will increase customer engagement. twitter-292994_1280

Broadcast Events

Not everyone will be able to attend your event, but that doesn't mean they have to miss out on everything. Facebook Live allows you to broadcast your event as it's happening, so your followers and fans can still be part of what's going on even if they're not there in person. Set up a Facebook Live video stream at the best part of your events: the book launch, reading, etc. This gives your followers a chance to follow along and participate even if they can't attend personally. It's a way to provide value and keep fans engaged no matter what. Facebook Live can be an invaluable tool for not just reaching more fans, but for keeping your current fans as close and engaged as possible. After all, Facebook users don't want just regular content or ads. They want to get to know PEOPLE, as that's what the platform is about. Using Facebook Live will help you to engage with your fans and followers, and it will encourage them to continue commenting, posting, Liking, and sharing what you have to say.