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18 Amazing Marketing Tips that WORK

18 Amazing Marketing Tips that WORK

Marketing is the writer's bane! While there is nothing we want more than to retreat into our little bubble of creativity, unfortunately that is no longer an option. Unless you're Stephen King or G.R.R. Martin, you have to do a lot of marketing. For indie authors, the vast majority of the marketing rests squarely on your shoulders. But we don't have endless time to dedicate to both marketing and writing. It's vital, therefore, that you/I/we find ways to make the most of the little marketing time available. In the video below, I talk with a few indie author marketing pros to find out what they do that actually WORKS (sells books). The 18 tips in the video will help you to know where to focus your marketing efforts, what to do, and how to do it effectively:

Cliff Notes:

  1. Make Book 1 in a series freebie
  2. Get involved in writers' group, professional organizations, etc. NETWORK!!!!
  3. Don't give anything away for free. Make readers work for it using sign-ups, etc.
  4. Use FreeBooksy, Bargain Booksy, and other promo newsletters for promo/freebie days. (Look on Awesome Gang for free websites and pages for promos)
  5. Promote yourself, not your product.
  6. Reach readers as well as fellow authors by sharing resources that interest them as well.
  7. Don't put all your eggs into a basket--sell it EVERYWHERE, not just Amazon.
    1. Though KDP Select does offer benefits.
  8. Take advantage Hootsuite, Buffer, and other social media content automated sharing services.
  9. Create a fan group.
  10. Add social media and website links to the back of your eBooks and in your email signature.
  11. Include message in the back of your book (eBook and paperback) to leave a review.
  12. Build your email list and keep fans engaged.
  13. What to send in newsletter: recap of activities for month, excerpts from WIP, give away free paperback, blog content (or links to it), change things up, etc.
  14. Always have promo materials on hand!!!
  15. Use Headtalker or Thunderclap to promote your book, even if not on a big launch or giveaway. ANYTIME is good!
  16. Always plan ahead!!! Set up a launch plan well in advance of the date!
  17. Create image teasers to generate interest into the books, using quotes to your book + link to your website.
  18. Go to and find hashtags relevant to your content/book.

Meet the Panelists

Megan Peticolas Haskell: Legend has it I was born with a book in my hands. Thirty-ish years later, I'm a stay-at-home-mom who prefers a good story over doing the dishes. Only now, I'm building my own fantasy worlds! Sanyare: The Last Descendant is my first published novel, but the sequel, Sanyare: The Heir Apparent, is set to release on September 21, 2016. I am also the Program Director of O.C. Writers, A Network of Published and Aspiring Authors, located in Orange County, CA. To find out more about me and my books, visit my website at! Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: G+: Goodreads: Sarah Hendrix-Craft Sarah is a queen of Chaos. She's finally broke the chains of working a day job and now freelances working as a personal assistant for Jennifer Brozek and Cat Rambo and handles promotions for Apocalypse Ink Productions and Evil Girlfriend Media, TANSTAAFL Press and Jim French's Imagination Theatre. Spare time finds her writing, beading, and knitting. To complete her love of all things unorganized, she has 3 cats, 2 teenage boys and a husband. You can find her work in Space Battles #6 from Flying Pen Press, the In Situ, and the FISH anthologies both from Dagan Books, “Ordinary Hero" from Lakeside Circus and “The Coin Whisperer” in Abyss and Apex or follow her blog, Twitter or Facebook. Karina Kantas: Karina Kantas is the author of the popular OUTLAW series. She also writes short stories and when her imagination is working over time, she writes thought provoking dark flash fiction. There are many layers to Karina's writing style and talent. As you will see in her flash fiction collections. And in UNDRESSED she opens up more to her fans. Giving them another glimpse of her warped mind. When Karina isn't busy working on her next best seller, she's designing teasers, book trailers, recording audio or videoing small readings and then working on Twitter and FB posts. Facebook Page: Amazon: Facebook: