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Savior (Darkblade #4)


The Hunter is running out of time.
And so is all of humanity…

The demonic Sage finally has the missing piece in his wicked plan—and with it, the power to free mad god Kharna from his prison.

To make matters worse, Hailen’s mysterious and dangerous abilities are dragging him ever deeper into madness. The only way to pull the boy back from the brink of insanity is to unlock the dark, deadly secrets of a city long ago lost to time.

It’s a terrifying race against time and monstrous foes to save Hailen and stop the Sage from unleashing the mad god of death and destruction.

When evil wields power unstoppable, it takes a killer to save the world.

Savior (Darkblade #4)

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Customer Reviews

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Steve Bonczyk
Fantastic series

Wow, as an ending this is very very good. The Hunter seems to come up with the goods whenever required. I hope this isn’t the last we hear of him that’s for sure. If you liked the others you’ll love this. Very highly recommended.

Manie Kilian
Odds against

The odds were firmly stacked against the Hunter ever finding the location of Enarium in time to get help for Hailen, find and defeat the Sage and find the wife and kid that so haunted his dreams..
The odds were almost nil that he would in the end be able to prevent the reawakening of The Destroyer and save mankind from the carnage leading to and during the Withering.
Yes, the odds were impossibly small. And with the death toll rising.
Is success really possible?
Once again author Andy Peloquin crafted an on the edge of your seat thrilling epic fantasy that makes turning the pages the easiest thing in the world.
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lana turner
The Hunter striving to be a better man!

This book is the grande finale, the culmination of all the Hunter had strove for whilst travelling the length and breadth of Einan, he had finally arrived in Enarium, the lost city of the Serenii but what he found there was not what he was expecting. Enarium was a horror place for humans who were herded in their thousands into the pit by the Elivasti guards and left to rot, some of whom lived down there from birth till death and now Kiara was down there too and she was Hunter's friend. He vowed he would get her out of there and if possible all the other humans too but there where so many other things he needed to do now that he was finally in Enarium. Er'hato Tashat, the blood sun would soon rise, and the withering would commence, he had to stop the Sage and kill him before he managed to harness the power of Enarium's towers to free the Devourer of Worlds. He also needed to help his wife Taiana find their long lost daughter, Jaia and he had to find the opia cure for Halien before the Irrsinnon got him, but first he had to get Halien out of the clutches of the Sage who knew that he was a Melachha and would use his blood to open the rift. This final book gives us the best ending ever, such a satisfying read to what has been an awesome grimdark epic saga, the hunter a character who started of as a cold blooded assassin who sold his services for gold but ended up as a man who saved the vulnerable, and did so with so much honour. Even though this is the final book in this series I hope to read more about this amazing character, a Bucelarii who decided to let his human half overpower his demon half in the life choices he made thus becoming a better man!

OMG! I love the Hunter!

Could there be a more gentle, loving, caring ruthless assassin than the Hunter? What!!!!! you say, contradiction, you say.... well just so you know, it's not! The pain he feels, the loss he experiences are all too real, even with the dagger screaming for blood, he refuses to kill for the sake of killing, he feels the burden of every kill. He refuses to do Soulhunger's bidding, which would bring forth an unprecedented evil. See? A companionate assassin... and such a tortured soul, constantly attempting to keep the voices at bay whilst trying to discover who he really is. Snippets of memory surface but he cannot make sense of them, it keeps eluding him, he knows he has to travel to Enarium, that the answers he needs he'll find there. So starts another perilous journey, together with Hailen, fraught with dangers and obstacles. I've said this previously, there's something about the Hunter that goes beyond tugging at my heartstrings, I want to envelope him in the biggest hug and console him, constantly. He's constantly being hounded and followed by Sir Danna and the Cambionari, no matter how much distance he thinks he between them, they always seem to find him. I loved the introduction of the two guides, one so stoic, the other fun loving, as they traip through the mountains looking for a path to Enarium. Another really interesting character, Evren, who has secrets of his own. Now that's an interesting new character and with a promise of more of him, I'm simply delighted! As the journey continues, the Hunter's situation becomes more and more dire. The guilt he feels, the choices he's made, have him in more agony than ever! He swore he would protect Hailen, he swore he would find his mystery woman yet once he finally gets to Enarium, it all falls apart. I wanted to throw my hands up in despair, my heart pounding dangerously fast, at what the Hunter endures. I breathed a sigh of relief that the Hunter's death count was, for him, relatively low, that is until the final third of the book. True to who and what he is, the body count sure pilled up massively! And the twists! OMG! I was agog! Just when I thought everything was falling into place for the Hunter, Andy pulled the rug from under me! By the end of this book, there's a sliver of hope from the Hunter, which I can't help but be elated. After learning the truth, what his purpose really is, the Hunter's new founded purpose and resolve are simply mouthwatering for more of this amazingly superb series. There is so much more one can say, so many awesome characters, I could go on and on. All that's left for me to say is, READ IT!

This was just so good!

This was just so good.

I've enjoyed all these other stories about the Hunter and this really took it there with the finally wrapping up this portion of the story thread in a totally epic and yet totally heart wrenching way.

Some fantastic action and the fantastic story around some of the the world's history being told in it's truth really made this a proper page turner!