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Protector (Darkblade #2)

The Hunter’s legend conceals cold, dark truths.
Half-demon bastard. A butcher with the blade, assassin, monster.

For millennia he has stalked the world, conquering all in his path and wading through rivers of his enemies' blood.

But he remembers none of it.

Now, an oath made in bitterness and regret thrusts him into a new role to which he is entirely unsuited: guardian of a young boy touched by gods and hunted by demons.

The Hunter sets off into desolate wastelands and deserts to seek out answers with blade and brutal skills honed by centuries of violence. At his side rides the boy, an ever-growing inconvenience and testament to his past failures.

But as the legions of his enemies close in around him, the child he protects may not only hold the key to his past, but become his very hope for salvation.

Protector (Darkblade #2)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Book 2 takes over where book 1 ended. None of that "10 years have passed". It carries on with the original theme of "who exactly am i?" New characters and exoctic places make for a very immersive story. The action never ceases as poor "Hartwell" has the luck of the damned and cannot catch a break. We see all the sides of our anti-hero and they are amazing!! On to book 3!!
p.s. I hope Andy Peloquin makes this a 50 book set!!

Steve Bonczyk
Great series

This is book three in the series. This is a brilliant book, full of nonstop action from start to finish. The Hunter never ceases to amaze me. Finding his softer side now as well. Cannot wait for the next one or to see what happens next. Very highly recommended must read.

Manie Kilian
Joining a caravan?

I think it is really tragic to loose your memory. More so when you lost memories going back centuries as is the case for Hunter.
To compound that with the loss of almost every single person you cared for overnight is an even bigger tragedy Like the torture and killing of a young girl like Farida.
Small wonder the Hunter choose to leave Voramis with little Hailen, an almost over active little boy with a a few hidden characteristics that makes you wonder what is and will develop in his life.
Joining a caravan seemed such a good option to Hunter. Who could have guessed the costs and tragedy to follow?
I am rather surprised how truly immersive this dark Darkblade series turned out to be.
Considering that this book is in excess of eight hundred pages and I finished reading it in less than 36 hours really tells you something.

lana turner
Hunter, assassin now turned protector!

The Hunter has escaped Melandria with a young boy he rescued from the House of Need which was dominated by a demon, Helion seemed to have been touched by the illusionist god and his naivete made him vulnerable so Hunter decided he would protect this child whatever happens. He was still being haunted by the faces of those he had cared for but who he was not in time to save namely the young girl Farida and he vowed this would not happen again with Helien, however being the Hunter nothing ever comes easy in his life and in this book we see him travelling with a caravan across the desert always in search of the woman from his past who haunts his dreams. He is being hunted by a crazy cleric, and some very religiously fanatical woman who are out to rid the world of the last evil Buceleraii, a band of desert bandits whose leader Il Seytani, has become so renowned he is almost a myth and these know the desert like the back of their hands and they are great scimitar wielders and the abiarazi who seem to keep cropping up in front of Hunter wherever he goes. Can he protect Helien who has become his only link to sanity, the only person who keeps the voices in his head silent and who he needs in his life as much as the boy needed him. This of course all went into giving us yet another very exciting dark fantasy novel, nail biting for most of it and edge of the seat for the rest of it. When he is out for revenge, beware because once lost to his blood lust there is no stopping or messing around with the Hunter, no matter how hard he tries to escape the killing.

Gets better and better!

I don't know what it is about the Hunter that has me completely on his side. Not since reading the many Drizzt books, have I felt such compassion and empathy. He might be the embodiment of a hard, ruthless assassin, but the Hunter's gentle, caring and protective persona leak through. As an assassin for hire , he certainly is not the norm, he actually deplores killing. That's one of the reasons I so love the Hunter, he is constantly wrestling with himself and his conscience. But his blade, Soulhunger, has other ideas. It tries to usurp the Hunter's will and draw him into the bloodlust, with it's almost incessant whisperings, which the Hunter fights at every turn. And the demon within screams it's hunger almost constantly. Plagued by visions of a beautiful woman, whom he feels he should know, and feels is calling to him, he sets off North, in the direction he feels the call is coming from. He travels with young Haiden, whom he swore to protect. I love how the angst and anguish the Hunter carries around, is assuaged by Hailen's presence, who is such a beautiful character. I love the emotions that Hailen and Farida evoke in this supposed killing machine. Quite surprisingly, the guts and gore, the epic battles, the incessant body count, whilst an integral part of the storyline, have me firmly at the Hunter's side, almost relishing the smells, the sounds and the sights through his eyes. I see what he sees, I smell what he smells, I feel what he feels. It is true mastery than can immerse me in every aspect of this epic tale. Andy pens such a rich world, filled with sounds, odours and scenery, and spectacular battle scenes. I am rendered speechless at all the events that befall the Hunter, the agony that he endured ( as do I, total agony!) in his quest and promise to keep Hailen safe. I've knawed my nuckles to the bone whilst reading this book, but, Heaven help me, I NEED the next book pronto!