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Ascension of Death (Heirs of Destiny #5)


Surrounded and trapped, no help in sight. The end of their mission…or the path to destiny?

Shalandra has fallen. Monsters of legend have risen from their graves to claim the City of the Dead.

Kodyn and Evren have only one hope of stopping the evil Iron Warlord: break into the holiest, most secure stronghold in the city and steal ancient relics imbued with world-shattering magics.

Issa joins the ranks of Shalandra’s elite warriors in a desperate clash against the nightmare hordes flooding the streets and slaughtering every man, woman, and child.

Aisha will face her greatest challenge yet, harnessing her mystical abilities to not only turn the tide of battle, but stop the prophesied Final Destruction.

In the epic struggle to save their city, these young heroes will give their all to win the impossible battle—one that could decide the fate of the world!

Dive into the breathtaking, action-packed finale now! Perfect for fans of A.C. Cobble, Sabaa Tahir, and Sarah J. Maas— epic young adult fantasy at its finest…

“Exciting, thrilling, intriguing! The characters are unforgettable!” – Carolyn, Amazon Review

“An awesome escape into another world! I am moving immediately to book two, can't stop now!” – Frank, Amazon Review

Quest for magical weapon
Ancient Egyptian culture
Found family
Young Adult
Ancient artifacts
love triangle

Ascension of Death (Heirs of Destiny #5)

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Customer Reviews

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lana turner
An epic battle of good against evil!

The war for Shalandra is full on and now our heroes not only battle the necroseti and the syndicate and the thugs rioting all over the streets and turning the city's street into rivers of blood but a new kind of monster has been unleashed and these have escaped from Groebus's laboratory and they come in their thousands. Our heroes strengths are all tested to their limits, many a time they are all fighting the different factions, separate from one another. Aisha's spirit whispering powers become very powerful as she harnesses these to do her bidding yet giving to the dead the wish fulfilment which allows them to travel to pharadisi. Many secrets are divulged in this book, both on a personal level and on a more critical level when our heroes have to admit their real reasons why they are in Shalandra at the cost of losing the trust of those who held their lives in their hands. Briana and Hailen had come close to unravelling the mystery behind the destiny foretold and the serenii artefacts still in their possession. They'd done things everyone considered impossible, now all they had to do was unlock the final secret to hopefully win the battle! They all had a part to play but the serenii riddles did not make things easy at all. This book brings this amazing adventure to it's end and phew what a great ending it is! Exciting, scary, full of very tense and sad moments yet full of love and greatness too. A real epic fantasy saga where the fight of good against evil never faltered.