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Writing Has Taught Me to Take Notes

There was a time that I told myself that my memory was good enough to remember everything, and I never wrote anything down. Sadly, I lost a lot of great ideas and thoughts that way. Over time, I've learned that I have to take notes. Since I started writing, this has become more important than ever! I tend to forget unimportant things fairly easily, though I guess we all do that. But the problem is when I begin to forget important things, such as birthdays, anniversaries (never forgot this one, thank God!), appointments, and so on. I also get a lot of great ideas while out and about--while driving, while walking to/from the gym, while working out, or even while walking through the supermarket. If I didn't take notes, all these amazing ideas would be lost. I have a lot of ways to take notes: Skype. When I'm out and about, I'll use my iPad to Skype my computer anything I want to remember. I have two separate Skype accounts for just this reason. Even if I don't have internet while traveling, all of the messages will arrive at my computer when I arrive home. Google Calendar. For anyone who needs to remember anything, this is an invaluable tool. Simply set the notification to arrive in your email inbox minutes, hours, or days before your appointment or to-do, and you never have to forget anything again. Email. Since my beautiful girlfriend got me a phone, I can now log onto my email and send myself a message with anything I want to remember. Though I hate texting, it's easier than trying to forget. Voice Recording Software. On my phone I have an app that allows me to dictate anything I want to remember. The software will transcribe it to text, giving me a note I can then email to myself. Paper and pen. I may not like writing, but the low-tech option is always a good backup. I keep the notes short and use only broad strokes. It works great to remember important things when I am far away from my electronics. Had I not developed these habits of note-taking, I would have missed out on some of the best stories, plot twists, and characters. Definitely a habit worth developing if you want to be not just a great writer, but a successful person!