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Why You Should Attend the Blood Moon Rising Event

Today you are all fortunate enough to receive a DOUBLE post. Hooray! I hope you all checked out the book review I posted this morning, but now it's time to head over to Facebook and visit the Blood Moon Rising event. Why should you visit? If you love fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, science-fiction, and pretty much anything with a dark twist, you'll find A LOT of great books to read. This book event is all about paranormal and supernatural stories, and you get over a month of different novels, short stories, and tales from a wide range of authors. Definitely something worth checking out if you want creepy new reads. You can find the event HERE. All you have to do is join, and you're in for a treat! Today's author is a Miss Christina Engela, the writer of dark science fiction/horror novels that will blow your mind and bring out the goosebumps. She's actually quite an interesting person! I'll let her tell you about herself in her own words: Christina Engela is the proud owner of a warped sense of humor, and it shows. She writes about aliens, space ships, big explosions – and crypts, ghosts and vampires – in the same books and in a way that makes all of these topics fit with each other without causing a melt-down or an inter-dimensional rift. She also enjoys sushi. Her story settings include starship situations and planetary locations. Her favorite planet to set her stories on is Deanna, where she expresses her own brand of fantasy combined with sci-fi. She loves to create characters and situations and to blend them with her past real life experiences and sometimes endearing (or not so endearing) parts of her real life acquaintances. For some reason this location lends itself to what she calls “quantum-ness” and for creating the unique characters around which her stories flow. As a fervent advocate of human rights and equality for all people, Christina has also written numerous articles (over 500 on her blog “Sour Grapes: the Fruit of Ignorance” alone) which traversed the globe, being re-posted on a number of activist or special interest sites. Since 2008 she has also released two lengthy books (over 500 pages each) on the subject of gay rights and freedoms in South Africa, drawing on her experiences as a human rights activist with SA GLAAD and ECGLA. She also compiled a list of useful articles, information and links which come in handy whenever an activist engages with someone who is assuming the role of an “expert” when trying to batter down the human rights or equality of a persecuted minority. She has also advocated strongly in favor of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, association and the right of the individual to dignity and to identify as he or she chooses. Since 2011 she became active in support of Pagan rights in South Africa. She has also campaigned in support of alternate identity groups and the rights of sub-cultures (such as Goth, emo and vampire cultures) to exist without fear of persecution. She has over the past few years worked closely with people from diverse backgrounds (including Christians, Pagans, Satanists, other occultists and even vampires) to advocate for equality, non-discrimination and to educate the broader public about these pressing social issues. You can find out more about her at the Blood Moon Rising Event, or by visiting her Home Page. Take the time to check it out and see if her tales of dark science fiction can spook you!