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Here's What is Coming Next

Here's What is Coming Next

You might remember that about a month ago, I spoke about struggling with The Last March, the final book in The Silent Champions series. I mentioned I was stepping away from it momentarily to try something new.

Well, here's what that new is:

Yep, that's right!

I'm diving into the world of sci-fi. In this case, military sci-fi and space opera.

I've been kicking around the idea of a sci-fi assassin for a few years now, but the story just hadn't formed itself fully in my brain. But as I was struggling with The Last March, the concept of this character lodged itself in my mind and I couldn't shake it.

Flash forward a couple of months, and here's what happened:

1) I wrote both Book 1 and this prequel Book 0 in the Cerberus series in less than two months. Work on Book 2 should be completed this week, with work on Book 3 beginning next week.

2) A publisher--the one and only Aethon Books--signed the 12-book series. It will be one HELL of a fun ride.

3) Book 1 (Assassination Protocol) is already edited and being turned into an audiobook as we speak.

4) Preparations are underway for the early 2020 (March, most likely) launch of the series!

With that in mind...

If you're a fantasy reader who also appreciates a kickass sci-fi novel, I'm starting a brand new mailing list EXCLUSIVELY dedicated to sci-fi content.

I know you already follow this website, my Facebook page, maybe even my newsletter list, but I'm going to be starting a new mailing list to share all the latest on my sci-fi writings. My existing list will be focused on fantasy, with only the occasional mention of my sci-fi books. If you want the news and updates on this new series, please sign up for the new list.

To do that, download the PREQUEL novel below and enjoy your first taste of the sci-fi world of Nolan Garrett, paraplegic former special ops sniper turned government assassin.

(Note: Downloading the book below will automatically sign you up for my sci-fi newsletter list. It'll take two minutes to enter your name and email address again, but it will be worth it to get onto my new sci-fi list.)

Nolan Garrett is a ghost.

Broke and trapped by addiction, he is a shade of the elite Silverguard sniper he was before a grenade shattered his spine and bound him to a wheelchair.

In his desperation, he will take any opportunity offered him—even if means joining an old army comrade to on a paramilitary operation to assassinate a witness protected by the full might of the Imperial Defense Force.

The bounty for the hit is simply too good to ignore. Enough money to feed his habit, a chance to get back into action, and a specially-designed cybernetic suit that restores full mobility to his paralyzed legs.

But when the shadow op goes sideways, Nolan will be forced to decide: save his friend, or cling to his newfound ability to walk.

In a battle of life and death, even the smallest decision can have fatal consequences.

Cerberus: Kill Order is the thrilling, action-packed prequel to the Cerberus military scifi series. If you like flawed and hardened heroes, epic futuristic combat, and gritty intrigue, you’ll love Andy Peloquin’s gripping space opera epic.

Download the Book Here