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Duel to the Death: Talorc

Duel to the Death: Talorc

I, Andy Peloquin, challenge you, Guy Donovan, to a duel to the death! But it is not we who will fight, but our characters… In the black corner, weighing in at 180 pounds, standing a cool 6 feet tall, the Hunter of Voramis! Bucelarii 2 Small Tale of the Tape:
  • Superhuman reflexes, strength, speed--think Captain America, but stronger
  • Thousands of years of weapons training
  • Body has accelerated healing factor--can survive a sword to the heart (can be killed by drowning, iron weapons, beheading, and suffocation)
  • Cannot be killed by anything but iron
  • Accursed dagger that heals him when he kills
  • No magical abilities whatsoever
  • No hesitation to kill if he perceives opponent as a threat/obstacle to his desires--classic anti-hero
In the red and gold corner, we have Talorc the dragon! guy cover ideas_final Tale of the Tape:
  • Flies
  • Breathes flame (provided by chewing volcanic rocks infused with white phosphorus)
  • Claws (though technically he's a wyvern, meaning two wings and two legs in the back) and a barbed tail
  • Lots and lots of teeth
Two enter the ring, only one can leave alive! How would Talorc kill the Hunter? He can make multiple passes in the air, blasting him with his white phosphorus flame. On the off chance that he's not able to fly, he's still got teeth, claws, a barbed tail, and sheer size going for him. To kill Talorc: The Hunter would try to overwhelm him with his inhuman speed, strength, and skill. All he has to do is pierce the dragon's skin with Soulhunger, and the dagger will consume his soul. Not even someone with considerable magical abilities can survive Soulhunger's bite--it was created to kill demons. Who would win? Over Talorc's short life, he has fought and defeated more humans than he can count. He dominates the sky, flying overhead and raining down an inferno to scorch any pitiful human to the bone. But the Hunter is no puny human. He is Bucelarii, descendant of demons. Though he has never faced such a fearsome creature, he has learned to adapt to any threat. His inhuman speed keeps him out of the path of Talorc's fire, and decades spent as an assassin has taught him to cling to the shadows. If Talorc cannot find him, he cannot burn him alive. The Hunter waits until the right moment, when Talorc is near the ground, within reach. He springs on the dragon's back, and with every ounce of his half-demon strength, drives Soulhunger through Talorc's thick hide. Soulhunger tastes blood, and the dragon shrieks as its soul is consumed. Its death struggles last far longer than any of the Hunter's previous victims. Winner: The Hunter. May the Watcher have mercy on the dragon; its soul is forfeit. Want to find out more about this fearsome creature who would dare challenge the legendary assassin of Voramis to the death? Click here to read about the mighty Talorc… Who do YOU think would win? Did we get the match-up right? Leave a comment below and let me know... Want to match your character against the Hunter? Click here to enter your protagonist/antagonist in a duel to the death!