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Duel to the Death: Scarlett

Duel to the Death: Scarlett

I, Andy Peloquin, challenge you, Toneye Eyenot, to a duel to the death! But it is not we who will fight, but our characters… In the black corner, weighing in at 180 pounds, standing a cool 6 feet tall, the Hunter of Voramis! Bucelarii 2 Small Tale of the Tape:
  • Superhuman reflexes, strength, speed--think Captain America, but stronger
  • Thousands of years of weapons training
  • Body has accelerated healing factor--can survive a sword to the heart (can be killed by drowning, iron weapons, beheading, and suffocation)
  • Cannot be killed by anything but iron
  • Accursed dagger that heals him when he kills
  • No magical abilities whatsoever
  • No hesitation to kill if he perceives opponent as a threat/obstacle to his desires--classic anti-hero
In the red corner, we have Scarlett! Scarlett Tale of the Tape:
  • 300 year old Bearer of The Sacred Blade Of Profanity; an 8,000 year old silver dagger crafted in sorcery by the Kirlt'th sorcerers, an order spanning over 12,000 years. The Blade affords the bearer the following abilities:
  • Able to bend linear time to seem as an afterthought to the observer
  • With a thought, can transport instantly to any given place; on this realm and countless others (excluding the precise location of the intended victim/target)
  • The Blade imparts superhuman speed to its host via the blood of its victims
  • If gravely injured, Scarlett is thrust into Void before death can take her, unless killed immediately.
  • A hunter in her own right, Scarlett has thousands of kills to her name
  • She has a guardian, sorceress Astra Kirltth, who is unknown to her, but will heal Scarlett's wounds and return her to the world of form
  • The Watcher, Kirlt'th denizen of Void, 'sees' all in relation to The Sacred Blade Of Profanity and its Host, and will impart knowledge of the intended target to Scarlett, The Blade, and Astra.
Two enter the ring, only one can leave alive! How would Scarlett kill the Hunter? With foresight given by The Watcher, made aware of the only thing which can kill the Hunter, The Sacred Blade Of Profanity will be sheathed in iron dust when they face off. By manipulating time, Scarlett will endeavor to evade his attacks while The Sacred Blade Of Profanity relieves him of Soulhunger, before finding its way into the Hunter's heart. To kill Scarlett: The Hunter would try to overwhelm Scarlett with his inhuman speed, strength, and skill. All he has to do is pierce her skin with Soulhunger, and the dagger will consume her soul. Not even someone with considerable magical abilities can survive Soulhunger's bite--it was created to kill demons. Who would win? The Hunter's inhuman speed, strength, and stamina would make him a worthy foe for Scarlett. He may not understand how she is warping time to move faster and gain an advantage, but he will learn to be wary of her attacks. He has only to get Soulhunger close enough to taste blood, and not even Astra Kirlthh can retrieve Scarlett's soul from the forgotten hells. But all Scarlett needs is a single strike. The Hunter will be weakened considerably by the iron dust coursing through his veins, giving Scarlett ample opportunity to continue her customary frenzied attack with The Blade while the Hunter is disarmed and incapacitated. The iron coating on The Blade will then be thrust into every vital organ in a matter of seconds. Winner: Scarlett. With iron in hand, she is more than a match for the assassin of Voramis. Want to find out more about this warrior who would dare challenge the legendary assassin of Voramis to the death? Click here to read about Scarlett…" Who do YOU think would win? Did we get the match-up right? Leave a comment below and let me know... Want to match your character against the Hunter? Click here to enter your protagonist/antagonist in a duel to the death!