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Deranged and Questing: Join us for Our Epic D&D Fun!

Deranged and Questing: Join us for Our Epic D&D Fun!

I've been wanting to play a proper Dungeons and Dragons campaign for years now (15+)!

The storyteller in me loves the idea of being able to make things up as I go, and I've always been a proper barbarian hack-and-slash player in whatever video games I play.

So OF COURSE I had to go ahead and start my own campaign.

Thankfully, I found someone else to DM it so I can sit back and enjoy the role-play, and got together a few kickass fellow readers and authors to play along, too.

I call it: Deranged and Questing!

We've been going now for almost two months, and it's honestly been some of the most fun I've had, ever!

You can watch all the past episodes stored to YouTube:

Ep 1: Dock Fight

Ep 2: Jailbreak

Ep 3: Ice Giants

Ep 4: Possessed Wolves

Ep 5: More Possessed Wolves

Ep 6: Death and Dreams

Ep 7: Dreams and Ice Sprites

We're going to be streaming live to Twitch every Monday at 6 PM PST/8 PM CST/9 PM EST, so follow and join in for some insane D&D fun!

Follow on Twitch here:

We'll be going live tonight with a behind-the-scenes episode, so come in and join us for the fun!