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Darkblade Assassin is Here!

Darkblade Assassin is Here!

At long last, the day I’ve been waiting for has arrived: launch day! Or, more accurately, RE-launch day… Blade of the Destroyer (The Last Bucelarii Book 1) was first published in August 2015, but in late 2017, I realized that it was time for the series to get a bit of a facelift. Now, it’s time to re-introduce the world to the Hunter of Voramis, the ruthless assassin with the cursed dagger that drives him to kill…

Darkblade Assassin (Hero of Darkness Book 1)

The best assassin in the world doesn’t come cheap. Betraying him will cost your soul. Darkblade Assassin The Hunter is a name feared by all in Voramis. He is an outcast, driven by a cursed dagger with an unquenchable thirst for blood and death. Yet he follows one simple code: kill those who truly deserve to die. His creed is put to the test when, deceived by a shadowy employer, he unknowingly slaughters an innocent man. With the most powerful criminal organization in the city after his head, the Hunter must fight for his life and find a way to atone for his mistake. When his enemies harm the people under his protection, it will take much more than an army criminals to stand in the way of his revenge. If you love anti-heroes like the Punisher or Dexter in a breathtaking fantasy realm, then immerse yourself in Hero of Darkness today! Andy Peloquin delivers an epic tale of one man’s struggle to survive in a world of magic, blood, and death.

Praise for Hero of Darkness:

It starts off with a bang and the pace never slows down. K.V. Pay attention and you just might discover that the story you thought you were reading is not the story you finish. – Amazon Review What can you say about a book that grabs you from the very first page? You become a bit obsessed and read the whole book in like three days!P.S.

Here’s a Taste of the Awesome Fantasy Action:

Eyes the color of night watched Lord Damuria plunge to the forest floor. The wind seemed to hold the nobleman suspended in the air for a moment before slowly releasing him to the grasping clutches of gravity. The hard, dark face of the Hunter showed no sign of pity as the body landed with a loud thud at his feet. It is no more than he deserves, he thought. He felt no remorse as he watched the broken man fight for his last pitiful, agonizing breaths. Not given to mercy, the fear in Lord Damuria's eyes meant nothing. Soot and mud stained the nobleman's robes, and crimson contrasted sharply with the white blond of his hair. Three broad-headed crossbow bolts protruded from the nobleman's chest and stomach. Damuria struggled to speak, made difficult by the quarrel puncturing his lungs. The Hunter bent close to hear the whispered words. "Do…it…you…bastard." Lord Damuria's eyes closed as he awaited the inevitable. The Hunter moved with precision and speed, drawing the dagger from his belt and plunging it deep into the dying man's chest. The thrust snapped ribs and sliced through smooth heart muscle. Damuria's screams echoed in the silence of the forest, an eerie sound tinged with desperation and terror. The screams of his victims always remained with him long after their deaths. They played over and over in his mind, accompanied by the vision of their dying faces. Bright ruby light flared from the gem set in the hilt of the dagger, and power rushed through the blade. The Hunter gasped as the voice in his mind screamed its pleasure. A familiar pain flared along his back, but he was accustomed to it. It was the price he paid for the power. This, he thought, reveling in the sensations flooding through him, this is why I do it. A final shudder ran through the broken body before him, and the cries of agony faded into a gentle whisper. "Damn you…Hunter…" Damuria cursed with his dying breath. Silence reigned in the forest, broken only by the sound of the wind whistling through the trees. After the thrill of the chase, the stillness hung like a weight on the Hunter's mind. Callused hands trembled as he gripped the worn hilt of the knife embedded in his latest kill, and his long, lean muscles bulged. The blade, caught on the dead man's ribs, required a surprising amount of effort to pull free, even with the Hunter's immense strength. Blood glistened on the dagger, and the Hunter watched it soak into the steel. The bright red light leaking from the gem slowly dimmed, and the stone became translucent and colorless once more. Soulhunger has been sated. He no longer heard the insistent voice in his head urging him to kill. It will remain silent, for now. The Hunter sheathed his blade and stooped to kneel over the lifeless form of his prey. Placing one hand on the man's head and the other on his now-silent heart, he bowed. "May the Long Keeper take your body; your soul is forfeit," the Hunter intoned. His voice was rich and deep with a hint of gravel. A hard voice, reciting a final ritual for fallen prey. A ritual from a past he could no longer remember. He stared down at the broken body lying at his feet. This one was surprisingly difficult to track down. Green blood now oozed from the dead man's chest, staining the forest floor a sickly color. The scent of poisoned flesh hung in the air—the effects of the venomous argam with which he coated the bolts. A fit creature for the hunt. A sense of satisfaction flooded him. Another contract fulfilled. He had killed all manner of men. Big men, little men, strong men, weak men. Cowards, and brave fools. Heroes, villains, rich men, beggars. He was the Hunter. All men were his prey. You’ll be pleased to know that all six of the Hero of Darkness books will be released quickly over the next few months. Here’s the release schedule I have planned: Book 1: Darkblade Assassin (May 29th) Book 2: Darkblade Outcast (June 5th) Book 3: Darkblade Protector (June 19th) Book 4: Darkblade Seeker (July 10th) Book 5: Darkblade Slayer (August 7th) Book 6: Darkblade Savior (September 4th)