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Book Summary Critique

What do you think of this book blurb/summary? All feedback--positive and negative--is welcome:

The Last Bucelarii Book 1: Blade of the Destroyer

The Hunter--a legendary assassin, a name feared in the city of Voramis. None alive have seen his true face, and where he goes, death follows in his wake. Hired by a mysterious client, the Hunter finds himself drawn into a game of intrigue, politics, and power that runs much deeper and darker than he'd expect. Forces beyond his control plan to use him for their own ends, even going so far as to torture and kill him. He faces not only the Bloody Hand, the criminal organization ruling the city, but circumstances pit him against the shadowy secret police, the Dark Heresy. Will the Hunter survive long enough to find out who is behind the game of cat-and-mouse? Can put a stop to the hidden machinations of those using him, or will he be just one more victim in the deadly game that is life in Voramis? The consequences of his actions have the potential to affect not just those around him, but the entire world of Einan.

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