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Book Review: Werecat by Brian Woods

Book Review: Werecat by Brian Woods

It's Book Review Saturday, the day you get a bonus book review. Thankfully, I've got a buddy to help me review books, and with his help, I'll get to do two or three reviews per week. Who knows, if things go well, it could even turn into a full-time thing. Today's book, a short story about a werecat…


Hiding from his past, and seeking out a new life, a young man makes his way to Atlanta, Georgia in the early 1970s. Trying to forget his life in New York City, he attempts to blend in with the big city life of the South East. The problem is that he doesn't fit in. Being a Werecat, you can never fit in. 10859453_10205783494694520_1572242924_n

My Review: 3.5 Stars

Written/Reviewed by Samuel Denberg This was an interesting short story. The werecat immediately caught my attention, though I can't tell for sure if he's a cat that shifts to be human, or a human who prefers cat form. The story line is good, with lots of potential. I think it's a great setup for future stories. The people however, are weak, and it's a bit hard to like/develop a feel for the characters. Alex seems to have a code of ethics. After all, that's how he gets into trouble in the first place. He protects an innocent from being extorted. However, when he is asked to extort and steal, he doesn't hesitate. I would also go into why being a cat makes him a better lover. Most cats I've known are great at receiving affection but, don't usually give any. This got my attention and makes me want to know more. Where is this story going? What kind of trouble will Alex get himself into? How will his condition affect his interactions with those he cares about? Is there anyone he cares about? Aside from several punctuation and structural problems, I'd say this can be a great first chapter. As the beginning of a book, I give it 3.5.

Here's a Taste:

My introduction was sweet and simple. They called me the Contender only and didn’t rattle on about my weight, height, and family history. Thank goodness, I was bored to tears listening to all the nicknames of the man who stood before me as an opponent. We approached each other, studying each other, and looking for an advantage. It was obvious to me he found his advantage. He was bigger than me, his muscles looked larger than mine, and I appeared more feminine than masculine in comparison. I smelled the scent of something sweating from his body, almost like an unnatural enhancement. I had heard about steroids before, but this was the first chance to see them in action. I stared at his arms. His right was slightly larger than his left, so that gave me the idea that he was right handed. The unevenness also suggested he didn't have much of a left, either. Also, I could tell he favored his right ankle, so he was weak, but not wounded. It would be easy to avoid any right handed punch, and that was surely going to be his first hit. He had a reputation for ending the fights quickly, so he was bound to go for his strongest hit. He tried to fake me into believing he was equally well with either hand with his stance and movement. I failed to take the bait but still made him believe that he had tricked me. He jabbed with his left a few times, but not close enough to come into contact, and then he launched the right fist. He lunged with it, putting all his weight and power into it. I waited, wanting him to believe his punch would land where it was aimed. I needed him past the point of no return so that he couldn’t back up and defend himself. He was vulnerable this way, and I took the advantage. Dodging, I sent a right hook to his face, shattering his cheekbone. Then my elbow caught his nose, breaking it, sending a flow of blood to his upper lip. The finishing move was a kick to the solar plexus that sent him barreling over, coughing blood all over the ground. He fell.

About the Author:

Brian Woods, author of the Tales of Suruale series, is a sci fi / fantasy writer from mid Alabama. He works at a specialized computer programmer during the day, but at night, he unleashes his imagination to bring wonderful tales to all of his fans. Since his first fiction release in 2011, Brian has continued to impress his fans and followers by increasing his skill of story telling with each book. Along with the stories he writes with his co writer and mentor, Roy C Booth, he has also released a few solo stories, including his most recent story Wildman. Wildman is found in an anthology named In Shambles, an anthology featuring New York Times Best Selling Author Kevin J Anderson. Brian's desire is to finish his nine book series, A Werecat's Journal, and the fifteen book series, Tales of Suruale; while continuing to release short stories within other anthologies. His schedule for 2015 is to release another Tales of Suruale full length novel, Delta Rose (a horror novella), Traylein: Strength of a Woman (a romance novel), and Validity (paranormal romance). Roy C Booth and Brian Woods have finished the first novel in the Valkron Saga, and hope to see it released in the early part of 2015 as well. Find his book on Amazon: Want to connect? Check him out on Facebook: