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Book Review: Escape by Lisa Williamson

Book Review: Escape by Lisa Williamson

It's Book Review Wednesday, the day of the week where I get to share with you a book given to me to read. This week, we're taking things into outer space with this space opera…


All Caro wants is to dance and to be with Adam but Masters Cyrus and Marshall have other plans for her. Dark plans that will change the fate of the universe. Can she escape those plans or will she be fed to the Demon’s Well? In a universe filled with alien races and advanced technology, humanity brought with it the ills of war, slavery and piracy. Escape Escape is the first of the League of Stars novels

My Review: 4 Stars

The book starts out a bit weak at first, with very little information on what's going on in the first chapter. It takes a few pages to get into the story, but once you do, you'll find you're as hooked as I was. The story is absolutely intriguing, and the scenario and setting are quite brilliant. It's a story with all the right sci-fi elements, a touch of fantasy, and a bit more romance than I might have enjoyed. There were a few too many sex scenes in my opinion, but that's just me. There were a few more typos than I would have liked, and it definitely looks like it could have used a professional editor to fix things up--both in terms of proofreading and development. A lot of information is crammed into the story, and it could have been spread out over a few books. There is a bit of awkward phrasing sprinkled in, and the action scenes are VERY weak. The cover is also a bit iffy... The emotions, however, are very strong, and it's clear that the author's strengths lie in her characters rather than her description. If the book was given the proper attention by a team of editors and proofreaders, I have no doubt it could become a best-seller. It got 5 stars for the story, but only 3 stars for the writing. The ending felt a bit disappointing--too neat and tidy for the real world. It is clearly meant to set up Book 2, but I feel it could have been a bit stronger and with more climax.

Here's a Taste:

Caro ran down the corridor ahead of the Sweepers. Throwing a look back at each bend in the way, she managed to stay just out of their view. Dodging between the shoppers, under the long scraps of material that heralded what each tiny, hole in the wall shop specialized in, she moved from one tiny space to another with all the agility of a child. The Sweepers were once more rounding up the young and masterless and it was clear they needed new females, females to breed up new warriors and to slave for the Masters. Caro refused to follow in her sister dancers footsteps, refused to be made a slave again. She needed to get off this station, onto a ship headed to a free world. A few more twists and turns down tunnels that echoed with the mix of languages that made up the natives of the station. Cries of warning and of complaint mixed with the patios of commerce. She leapt high over a cart that had spilled in the middle of her path, briefly amazing those watching as she seemed to fly. She flashed a tight grin and waved as she landed, a quick pirouette that she could not stop herself from doing. She rolled her eyes at her action and dashed off once more. A few more twisting turns and she came to the concourse. Slowing, she eeled her way into the crowd. Her size helped her blend into the crowd but she stood out for her ethnicity. Where most of those who lived and worked on this station were small with black hair and blacker eyes, she had a different shape to her face, her eyes large and round compared to the almond shape of those bred to this station. She was dressed in her silks, a bright flash of color among a sea of black tunics and pants. A cardinal that stood out surrounded as she was by crows. She had to find Adam. Only with him did she feel safe from the Sweepers. *** Inside Shankman's Rest a voice swelled and captured the attention of those passing by. Full and masculine, it pulled people in and stirred things deep inside hearts that were locked down. He sang of sex and love and other things that the Masters had done their best to stamp out if not outright outlawed. The listeners paired off and, in smoky corners, broke the laws of the Masters, by touching and caressing those not approved. His song was wild and rhythmic, full of power and need. The audience that wasn't pairing off was surrounding the stage where the tall, dark-haired man sang. Dressed in black leather and blue silk, he mesmerized and teased. Both men and women looked at him like he was fresh meat and they were starving. His song soared as he made love to the audience, giving them a light to their dark days and release. His eyes jumped from person to person, seeming to stroke them and tease them, but in reality searching for one face in the crowd, just one person. He hid his worry and poured more power into his words.

About the Author:

Lisa Williamson is a writer of odd cross genre fictional stories. With dozens of short stories, novellas and novels her fantastic worlds span the genres of fantasy, paranormal romance, science fiction, erotica and horror. Her first publication was in the beginning of the Ebook movement with a short story and poetry collection from the 1990s. Writing in themes of self discovery, she mixes myths and legends from various cultures with a mystical bent. No matter that genre there will be a touch of romance, a sprinkle of nontraditional religions and a dash of enlightenment. He stories strive to let the reader open their mind to the wonder of the world around and within us. Born and raised in Nashua, New Hampshire, she is currently living with her husband and daughter in Ontario, Canada. The change from one country to another has inspired her writing of both fantastical fiction and poetry. Find the book on Amazon: Visit her website: Tweet at/to her: @suteko Or get to know her on Facebook: