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Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Writing Tools

What do you do when you can't figure out a word? Where do you go to find the answer to some creative writing problem that has you stumped? Check out these AMAZING writing tools, and you're sure to find the solution: Visuwords -- This amazing tool will help you not only find the meanings of words, but also their association with other words and concepts. For example, look up the word "create", and you'll find it linked to all sorts of concepts (creative, produce, brand, distill, multiply, etc.). It's a simple tool that generates diagrams that look like neural nets or data visualization displays. VERY handy for uncommon word association! One Look -- This is the online dictionary to rule them all! It searches over 1,000 online dictionaries, and you'll find definitions for more than 13.5 million words. Best of all, you can find the definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and translations for the word on one page! Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary -- Not sure how to describe the parts of a sword, a castle, a tire, or a gun? Hit up this visual dictionary, and you'll find images with descriptions and breakdowns of all the parts of that image. It's amazing for when you need to write those little details that set the scene for your story. One Look Reverse Dictionary -- This is an amazing tool to help you find words and concepts. For example, search for the word "apple", and you'll find results like "worm", "mcintosh", "icon", and "tree". For word association, this is an amazing tool. Write Rhymes -- Poet's aren't born; they're made! This tool will help you to figure out the best rhyme for any word, helping you to create poems that are clever and accurate. Word Counter -- Do you have a tendency to overuse words (in The Last Bucelarii (Book 1): Blade of the Destroyer, I was told I used "darkened" too many times)? If so, run your text through this tool, and it will tell you how many times you used certain words. VERY helpful for finding those mistakes in your writing!