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Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Writing Forward

I'm always looking for resources to help me improve my creative writing skills. This could mean anything from coming up with new story ideas to honing my writing to giving me inspiration to keep going. That's exactly what Writing Forward offers… Writing Forward is (according to the "About Me" page) "a creative writing blog packed with tips and ideas that will inspire and inform your writing projects." The site's mission: "to share helpful and inspiring creative writing tips to benefit the greater writing community and to advocate on behalf of all writers and artists." I was quite impressed by the immense range of resources available on the website: Articles on how to write better -- This includes blog posts on things like how to conduct proper research, important practices for more efficient writing, how to know between good and great writing, how to be a faster writer, and more. Articles on creative writing -- This looks at all the elements of creative writing, as well as how to tap into your innate creativity. Articles on grammar -- If you want to learn about homonyms, homophones, the difference between grammar rules and "guidelines", or brush up on your grammar (basic and advanced), there is a lot of information here. Articles on poetry -- Poetry writing is very different from story writing, copywriting, and journaling, and the articles here can help you improve your poetry-specific creative writing skills. Articles on storytelling -- Writing is about telling a story in a compelling, clear, and concise way that people will want to read. The articles on this topic deal with things like how to write good villains, the secret to iconic characters, story ideas, and more. Writing exercises -- This is a section dedicated to exercises that will help you improve your writing skills across the board. There is so much more information here, including story ideas, writing prompts, random guest posts on every aspect of writing, books to help you improve your writing, and simple writing tips. All of the blog posts and articles are worth exploring, as they contain a wealth of information on how to be a better writer. Definitely a site to check out!