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The first Assassination Protocol Reviews are in…

The first Assassination Protocol Reviews are in…

...and people seem to be loving it!

Making the transition between genres is, I’ll admit, pretty damn scary.

After living, breathing, thinking, and marinating in fantasy for 5+ years, it’s nerve-wracking to make the mental switch to a totally new genre.

I’m not going to lie, writing the Cerberus series has been a monumental challenge, with each book pushing me to some new creative and intellectual extremes that have forced me to always “up my game”.

But it’s also been an immense amount of fun! I’ve loved every minute spent in the world of Nolan Garrett.

And, it seems, readers have, too. The first reviews are trickling in on both the eBook version and the Audible audiobook of Assassination Protocol, and they’re looking pretty darned positive:

Audible Reviews

“Fast paced and full of action Andy Peloquin brings us on a rollercoaster ride in a world that could be ours, but its not - well maybe. The characters are rich and full of life, the tech is cutting edge but has limits... but the bad guys are just plain BAD. The narration is crisp and brings the story to life as only Bronson Pinchot can.”

“A driving, never-stopping story filled with graphic detail and background. The author brings the world around the protagonist alive and makes you feel you are there in the middle of the action. The narrator adds texture and color to the story that makes this the best listen of 2020!”

“I enjoyed this book very much. I love science fiction and fantasy and this book hits in all the right places. A disabled military vet turns to assassination to feel needed again needs to take out drug dealers and is thrown in to a world that is filled with danger. I can't wait till the next book to see what happens next!”

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eBook Reviews

“From the first opening paragraph his story is almost non stop action from start to finish. This is not to say this is a pure action novel. There are plenty of twists and turns in his story to give you a mild case of whiplash. His characters and all of their flaws are well researched and developed throughout the story. He has done an amazing job of developing a world and characters that are completely enjoyable and despicable. He has enough advanced tech woven throughout to make even the most hard core geeks heart go pitter pat.”

“This definitely gives a reader in your face intensity from page one. Filled with action packed pages I’ve come to expect, this author brings clarity and reality to every scene as well as showcasing the most challenging of topics in existence. Being able to weave drug addiction and physical handicaps into a fast paced sci fi/military tale is just mind boggling!”

“Wow, this is a cracking start to a series to come. I will admit that I’m not that into science fiction but after reading the first book and now this one I have to say I’m hooked. Roll on book two, cannot wait. Highly recommended!”

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