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Anyone? Is there anyone there? Does anyone care?

The world around me doesn’t seem like they remember I exist. Alone, solitary, lonely, miserable, cold.

Standing, sitting, talking, crying; what am I doing in this cage? This cage of cruel device, not my own making. Imprisoned in this cell of solitude, my lonely tears to keep me company.

The world has shut me outside their notice, forgetting that I am. I long to be remembered, but my cage is warded against my muffled pleas. “I exist,” beats off lifeless walls, and falls spent at me feet. People passing by ignore my tear-stained face as I raise it in passionate pleas. Life is a cruel mistress.

I bend to her whim, but she treats me with disdain. Shall I yield to her ceaseless cadence and fall into the unknown? Shall I break free from this invisible enclosure, to rise into existence.

I am spent. Whether in vain or not, I shall never know. Yet, here I toil to be released, fruitless efforts bound in chain.

No one notices. No one cares.

Selfish in their own pursuit of happiness, never looking to see if there is one to make happy.

Actions spawning cruel reactions, uncaring feelings generating ire. No one notices the trail of broken hearts, beaten souls, and trodden feelings left in their wake. Solely focused on their own joy and life.

Unknowingly they evict from their lives the ones who don't mold to their pleasure; uncaringly they ignore them when they try to reestablish contact. Cages are erected, bars are set in place. Only to those who remain contained therein the sordid case is visible. Helpless, desperate, struggling vainly to escape.

The perpetrator continues unaware. Unaware of the pain he has caused, that he has imprisoned innocent, that he leaves a soul to lie in the dust. Unaware that his turn is coming.

The circle always completes, and what one starts, one always finishes, though the ending may be different from the original thought.

Beware how you treat those around you, for life deals with an equable hand. Life takes no pleas for mercy, only deals out what she has been meted. Beware.