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SIGNED – Deceiver (Darkblade #5)


The Hunter of Voramis stalks demonkind relentlessly.
Wherever they hide, whatever guise they wear, none will escape Soulhunger’s ravenous blade.

The discovery of a child slaughtered in a bloody ritual sets the Hunter on a path to root out the killers—and a collision course with the criminals that rule the underworld.
Yet in his conflict with the Night Guild and their cunning Master Gold, he is drawn into a web of deceit, cruelty, and bloodshed that spans far beyond just one city.
His endeavor to forestall the destruction of his world at the hands of the Great Devourer will come to naught unless he can find those 
truly responsible and bring them to justice.

When shadows and steel clash, the streets flow red with blood.


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SIGNED – Deceiver (Darkblade #5)

Look Inside

There’s a demon in Praamis.

The Hunter leaned back against the over-stuffed seat and tried not to growl in frustration as the coach hit what felt like its thousandth rut in the last five minutes. The ten-day journey across the Windy Plains had been uneventful—a sort of boring that verged on frustration, given what awaited him both in Praamis and back home in Voramis.

He picked up the parchment in his lap and read it again, as he had so many times on this teeth-grindingly dull journey.

“As per your instructions, I’ve had my contacts in Praamis’ Hidden Circle keep an ear to the ground for anything that might indicate the presence of a demon in the city. I believe this fits the bill.”

The note was as concise as it was neat. Graeme, the fat alchemist who ran The Angry Goblin Bookstore in Voramis, tended toward brevity and wrote in a script that bordered on compulsive precision—a far cry from the typical chaos that reigned in his shop. The shelves of his hidden back room looked like they’d been decorated by a hurricane. Yet when it came to information, he was as methodical and organized as a priest of the Coin Counter’s Temple.

Which explained why the note came accompanied by more scraps of parchment, each describing the details of bodies that had turned up around the city of Praamis. Three corpses, two men and a woman. One of the men had his throat slashed, but the other two victims had been found with their heads encased in plaster, a strange symbol carved into their chests.

The Hunter held up the parchment that depicted the symbol: a crescent moon and star set in the middle of a circle with two right-angled lines connected.

Graeme had failed to identify it, though he’d reached out to all of his Hidden Circle contacts across the continent of Einan for information. That would take time, however, and the Hunter wasn’t the sort to wait around.

The Hunter might not understand the symbol, but he thought he recognized it, at least partially. He’d seen similar runes carved into the walls of the stone tunnels beneath Voramis, again in the twin temples of Kara-ket, and last in the lost city of Enarium. Serenii runes, the writing of the ancient race that the world believed had disappeared from existence thousands of years in the past.

He knew the truth of the Serenii, however. A truth that no one on Einan knew, that no books would tell, and few could believe.

Three years had passed since he stumbled into Enarium, bleeding and dying from an iron-poisoned wound. There in the Lost City, everything had changed for him. He had been reunited with his wife, Taiana, and learned he had a daughter. My daughter. Even three years later, the words still sounded strange in his mind. She was somewhere on Einan, wearing a face he’d never seen and bearing a name he might not know. Alive, he hoped, though he had no idea. Still had no idea, truth be told. Even after three long years, he was no closer to finding Jaia than the day he’d first learned she was alive and freed of the Serenii-built prison into which the Warmaster had condemned her.

Back in Enarium, he had also found out that the gods were nothing more than Serenii worshipped by ancient humans. The Serenii had sacrificed themselves to stop the Devourer of Worlds, a being of pure chaos that sought to destroy Einan and every other world in existence. The Hunter, like all the other Bucelarii, the offspring of the foul Abiarazi demons, had sworn to help the Serenii in their fight against the Devourer. After a mortal wound forced him to place Taiana in a Chamber of Sustenance to recover—slowly, over the course of decades, or perhaps centuries, even Kharna did not know—he alone remained alive to continue the battle.

To seal the rift against the Devourer of Worlds, the Serenii needed the magical energy that existed inside all living things. Captured humans had served as the primary source of power for thousands of years, until the Hunter freed them from their prison. Now, he sought the Abiarazi, for the demons’ life force was almost as powerful as the magic within the Serenii.

He’d vowed to Kharna that he would hunt down the rest of the demons around Einan. In Kara-ket, the Sage had had a map that depicted his Abiarazi agents in Praamis, Malandria, Drash, and countless other cities and kingdoms around Einan. However, the Hunter hadn’t found even the barest hint of a demon’s presence.

Abiarazi were vicious, bloodthirsty creatures, driven by an innate lust for battle and death. Yet they were also equally cunning, surviving for thousands of years among humans who feared and despised them. The Hunter hadn’t known of their existence until Father Reverentus had tried to hire him to kill the Demon of Voramis, hadn’t believed it until he came face to face with the First of the Bloody Hand. Only happenstance—some might call it fate, though he refused to lend that credence—had led his path to intersect with the demons in Voramis and Aghzaret.

The Hunter might have had more luck hunting down the demons around Einan had he left Voramis. Yet he’d felt his place was with Hailen and Evren. Three years was a mere drop in the ocean that was the millennia-long lifespan of a Bucelarii—or the Abiarazi he hunted. For the moment, the two youths needed him, just as he needed them. He had dedicated himself to preparing them to look out for themselves and survive in the harsh, unforgiving world in which they lived.

Together with Kiara, the four of them had lived a strangely quiet life—by his standards, at least. Outside of his daily training sessions with Evren and Kiara, his excitement had consisted of putting down the gangs that had tried to fill the vacuum left by the Bloody Hand’s extermination and rebuilding his network of eyes and ears in Voramis. Though his vow to Kharna never left his mind, he had stayed where he felt he was most needed.

Until now.

Graeme’s note had spurred him to once more take up his weapons in the defense of humankind and the eradication of his forefathers. The Hunter’s vendetta against the Abiarazi was as personal as it got. He’d seen them kill men, women, and children without hesitation.

He’d lost friends and loved ones to their cruelty. Where dead bodies and cruel murders abounded, he would always find the hand of a demon at work. He could not ignore the first concrete lead on an Abiarazi he’d gotten since the day he pursued the Sage up into the Illumina.

I’m coming for you, Demon. Wherever you are, whoever you are.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Steve Bonczyk
Fantastic series

Wow, wow and wow again. I know I said that before as well but this book well and truly deserves that and more. I thought it was a fantastic read. One that started quick and carried on right through to an ending I didn’t see coming, not at all. All the way through I thought this is leading up to being the last book in the series, but I was wrong so wrong, to which I was very pleased about. This Hunter cannot end yet and for I good while I hope. Very highly recommended must read.

Manie Kilian

I certainly get the feelings of the Hunter at the discovery of a child's murder. And even more so when more are found dead, establishing a pattern that can only point at some cult and in turn perhaps a demon.
But my delight is the way the story of the Hunter starts merging with that of Ilanna and the Night Guilt.This is such a formidable combination to improve the success of the pursuit of a demon in Praamis.
Despite Kiara as the voice of reason, keeping the Hunter grounded, the subsequent events are hair raising and an edge of the seat thriller that will keep you occupied with frowns, sighs, laughter and the occasional "Yes!!!" enough times to raise some serious eyebrows at your antics whilst reading this book, Darkblade: Deceiver. Well done!

Manie Kilian
On top of a mountain

The Darkblade : Slayer is yet another engrossing tome of about 750 pages
of dark fantasy.
Driven by a vision of an erstwhile family the Hunter intends to go to Enarium.
Except he ended up in Kara-ket, a legendary city on top of a very huge mountain. Still in Einan. Whilst hunting for the so called Sage, the force behind demons having previously fomented unrest and trouble on a huge scale.
Besides finding a legendary race at Kara-ket, there are also two demons, one being the very sage he was trying to hunt down
The other one? A selfprofessed best warrior ever . A giant at that too. Also of a bestial nature such as you will never have encountered ever before.
Perhaps not such a good idea to have the kid Haimen get exposed to. That is, until intrique does..
Please know, you are about to get reading almost non stop for two solid days or more as action, intrigue and even treachery engages your mind non stop.

lana turner
An excellent read!

What an excellent read! I can never get enough of this series and our assassin hero, the Hunter of Voramis, the last of the buceleraii, who is now dedicating his life to tracking down the abiarazi and taking them to the chambers of sustenance in the Lost City of Enarium where they were to sustain Kharna in his fight again the Devourer of Worlds. In this book Hunter is trekking a demon who he finds in Praamis, and he joins up with the night guild under the leadership of Ilanna, Master Gold. I love that this happens in this book as it turns out that the Hunter works very well with the people of the night guild. However catching this demon is the first step in what turns out to become a very arduous trip across the country to Enarium. He is travelling with Kiara, and joined by Father Reverentus and his retinue of knights cambionari who could not trust the buceleraii they had been trained all their life to kill before asking questions. So the Hunter had to have eyes in his back as betrayal came easily from these knights, however Hunter had friends too and they were his eyes. This book is a massive tome, which is full of many surprises and twists and unexpected turns to the story which kept me highly invested till the last line and then some. I am looking forward to book 6 especially after the ending we got and I highly recommend this series to those who love epic fantasy with assassins turned heroes as our Hunter is the very best!


There are a handful of characters that have the ability to completely undo me, the Hunter is one of those. The emotions that he evokes in me are unbelievable! Perhaps there might be something wrong with me....he IS a ruthless assassin afterall. But I see beyond his exterior, I see his humanity, I see beyond his deeds, beyond the fact that people drop like flies when he confronts them and see a gentle soul, so tortured, so desperate to eliminate demons, so desperate to find a daughter he never knew existed, so desperate to FEEL, to have a family. Well I've officially adopted him into my book family! And no one messes with my family....

Soulhunger has quieted, no longer are the voices shouting constantly for the Hunter to kill, it's purpose is to purely to collect souls, and to help the Hunter fullfil a promise. But his sword, the sword of Nasnaz is a new threat, worse than Soulhunger, the bloodlust is immense. In this book a softer side of the Hunter is exposed, don't get me wrong, he's still incredibly dangerous and deadly, so I'll whisper this softly lest he hears me, he's learning to trust! Unbelievable, right? He's hidden behind masks, both literal and figurative for so long, his fear is real. Kiara sums it up perfectly "we're afraid that when the masks come off and others see the real us beneath, they'll be disappointed". Yet it cannot be denied, he has opened himself to a select few and the warm feelings he gets, take him by surprise. His relationship with Kiara is complicated to say the least, but it's real, it's so beautiful to see Kiara have such a positive effect on the Hunter, but mostly I love how far Kiara is from the Cecilia we first met her as. A dream character, I simply adore her.

I was thrilled that Ilanna and Ria were prominent in this book, their dynamic is so cool! And that they get to actually meet the Hunter, well, what can I say, I was just propelled to book heaven! And they work together to uncover who and why people are showing up dead, children included and we all know how much the Hunter loathes child murderers... What they discover is way more nefarious than they though, a cult with the most bizarre reasoning. Capturing a demon, they have the unenviable task of transporting said demon halfway across the continent, all while facing down battles, physical battles as well as the battle to keep the demon contained.

Really exciting, really tense, really emotional. And such vivid colourful prose, how's this for vivid, " it's as if a rainbow vomited over a flock of parrots". This series is one of those that refuses to let go, that shows how easily the author can draw one in with the immensely impressive worldbuiding, the steady pace, characters to fully engage with and a plot to die for, whoa, not literally, but you get what I mean. What is crystal clear is that you need to get this book and series!