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Cerberus: Kill Order


Nolan Garrett is a ghost.

Broke and trapped by addiction, he is a shade of the elite Silverguard sniper he was before a grenade shattered his spine and bound him to a wheelchair.

In his desperation, he will take any opportunity offered him—even if means joining an old army comrade to on a paramilitary operation to assassinate a witness protected by the full might of the Imperial Defense Force.

The bounty for the hit is simply too good to ignore. Enough money to feed his habit, a chance to get back into action, and a specially-designed cybernetic suit that restores full mobility to his paralyzed legs.

But when the shadow op goes sideways, Nolan will be forced to decide: save his friend, or cling to his newfound ability to walk.

In a battle of life and death, even the smallest decision can have fatal consequences.

Cerberus: Kill Order is the thrilling, action-packed prequel to the Cerberus military scifi series. If you like flawed and hardened heroes, epic futuristic combat, and gritty intrigue, you’ll love Andy Peloquin’s gripping space opera epic.


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Cerberus: Kill Order

Look Inside

Nolan Garrett had stared down far too many gun barrels in his life, and every time he’d been certain it would be his last. Looking up into the leering, sweating face of Two Square and watching the way the blaster pistol quivered in the rat-faced man’s unsteady grip, Nolan felt the cold grip of dread squeeze his heart. One twitch of the little drug pusher’s trigger finger and Nolan’s brain would be splattered across the wall of the filthy alley.

A single thought flashed through his mind. What a shitty way to die.

Not in battle with the Terran League, as he’d pictured so many times. No death being blasted to shreds by a mech’s explosive shell, torn to pieces by Jackboots’ machine gun fire, or crushed to a bloody pulp from some orbital HALO jump gone wrong. He’d die here, in some dumpster-cluttered back alley behind a crappy peeler bar, with Shimmertown’s glitzy lights, blaring music, and the stink of the muck-covered lane as his final resting place.

“Come on, Two Square, there’s no need for this.” Nolan’s hands quivered as he gripped the arms of his wheelchair—was it fear, or just his body’s way of reminding him how badly he needed another hit of Blitz? “You know I’m good for what I owe you. I’m just waiting for my disability comp to come in and—”

A heavy fist crashed into Nolan’s jaw. The impact snapped his head to the side, sending painful twinges down his neck, and knocked him out of his wheelchair. Stars flared bright in his vision for a moment and the world whirled violently around him. When the spinning slowed, Nolan found himself lying on the ground, the muck cold and slimy on the side of his face and soaking into his shirt. The stench of the garbage trickling from those rusted green metal dumpsters lining the alley turned his stomach and set his skin crawling.

Once, Nolan might have fought. He’d have taken on Two Square and his three goons and left all four bleeding and unconscious in the nearby dumpsters. But now, he couldn’t even pick himself out of the mud and climb back into his wheelchair. Between his useless legs, the pain throbbing in his jaw, and the body aches and muscle pain that set in as he came down from his Blitz high, he could do nothing but grit his teeth and try to refocus his vision on the drug pushers.

“That’s the third time this month you’ve said that,” Two Square growled at him. “Waiting for that IAF pension check to come in.” The rat-faced man leaned down, until his long, sharp nose was a few inches from Nolan’s. Close enough to get the full effect of his fetid breath and dark brown teeth. “You want another hit of Blitz, you pay for it. Just like everyone else.”

“And I will!” With effort, Nolan struggled to lift his upper body from the muck. His attention locked on Two Square. The three thugs standing around the alley were little more than hired muscle. He just had to convince Two Square to give him a taste—even just a tiny bit of cheap shit like Gunk or Whisperdream—to keep the shakes at bay. “The moment the Imperial Office of Veterans Affairs opens tomorrow, I’ll be sitting in line to get my check. But I just need a little something!”

He hated the plaintive, pleading whine of his voice. Silverguards didn’t beg for anything, especially not from people like Two Square. But Nolan hadn’t been a Silverguard for more than a year now. Hadn’t been anything beyond useless and aimless. The grenade that shattered his spine had stolen far more than just his legs. Now, the crap Two Square peddled was the only thing keeping him close to sane.

“Please!” Desperation edged his voice. He could feel the tremors already setting in for real, his hands twitching with that irritable, irresistible urge to get high. The sweating and muscle pains weren’t far behind. Then the anxiety and fear would kick in, pushing back sleep and leaving him alone in the dark, quiet hours of the New Avalon night punching ghosts and wrestling with the memories of who he’d been, what he’d lost. Not just comrades and friends, but the life he’d had before a knuckle-sized fragment of shrapnel ended everything.
He needed to forget that, to drown those memories beneath a wave of Blitz. It was the only thing that had kept him from eating a bullet far too many times to count.

“You know the rules, Nolan.” Two Square shook his head. “No credits, no Blitz. Until you get paid and can pay me—”

Nolan reached up and seized Two Square’s collar, dragging the man closer. “Just a little hit!” His voice came out in a hoarse, rasping whisper. The need held him in a grip so strong he couldn’t hope to break free—it consumed every thought, filled every fiber of his being. “Anything will do!”

A disgusted grimace twisted the man’s rat face and he recoiled, tearing Nolan’s muck-soiled hand from his shirt. “You piece of shit, you stained my shirt!” He brushed furiously at the horrible, greenish-brown muck that had passed from Nolan’s hands onto the shimmering bright green fabric of the T-shirt he wore beneath his purple leather vest. “This is a Mascavado! Do you have any idea how much this cost? Now you owe me triple. For the Blitz I sold you on credit, for my fuckin’ shirt, and for making me hunt you down in this shithole!”

Without taking his eyes off Nolan, Two Square snapped slim fingers at his goons. “Show him what happens to junkies who fail to pay their debts.”

The first kick landed squarely in Nolan’s spine, just a few inches above the spot where the shrapnel had severed spinal nerves a year earlier. Pain exploded along the muscles of Nolan’s back, and a moment later a boot to the gut knocked the air from his lungs. He cried out, only to get a kick to the face. Blood gushed from his nose and split lip. He tasted metal and saw stars, and the pain only got worse as Two Square’s goons laid in to him.

Nolan had no way to defend himself; all he could do was shield his face with arms too weakened by withdrawal to fight back and pray to whatever god wasn’t listening that the beating stopped before he wound up dead.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jens Mientus
Cerberus Series

I just love to read these Stories and I hope it will continue.

Jacob Zaky
Great prequel

What a strong introduction to an entertaining series like Cerberus. It give new and existing readers of the series a look at Nolan and what lead him to become the operator that he is in the series. Kill order answers question that readers could have if they started the series at book one instead of here and later picked it and for new readers it gives a solid foundation for continuing the series.
The action is well done and it flows nicely from scene to scene doesn’t feel like it jumps around or parts have no purpose to them. With that being said it give readers a look at what addiction looks like and the effect that it has on the lives of soldiers and people that have had a traumatic experience.
Honestly though you can read the whole series before reading kill order and read it to fill in some blanks or start there and understand where Nolan is coming from and what he went through to get where he’s at.
Read Kill order for yourself it’s worth it.

lana turner
A very powerful prequel

Wow what a strong prequel to start off a new series to what I envisage becoming a massive sci-fi military action packed saga. In this prequel we meet Nolan Garret a once highly trained Silverguard who was part of the Warbeast team till he got hit by shrapnel on one of the ops and became paralysed never to walk again. Discharged from the army and the job he loved to do and which gave him a purpose in life and comrades worth dying for he felt useless and hated seeing his limp legs, so he gave up and gave in to a drug habit which literally dragged him into the mire. Blitz became his fix though he would try anything that gave him a high, however, just when his life hit rock bottom he was saved by an old friend Tanis, a military medic, who he had worked with before, the last woman he had seen before he lost the use of his legs and she offered him a way out and something he had completely lost, hope! She introduced him to the Sentry Division and asked him to join her on a top secret and highly dangerous mission in order to watch her back. Tanis had faith in him as she knew he had been the best there was, but could he see the mission through without endangering his friend's life, when all he could think about was his next fix? Nolan though a drug addict and a total mess in this book, is a great character who wants to take charge of his life once again and find his purpose but can he do this, will his anger be enough to change his life around? Wow this book is an edge of the seat thrilling read and I just cannot wait to read the first book in the series!