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SIGNED – Awakener (Darkblade #6)


The Hunter’s foes are myriad…
…but all will come to know the true meaning of fear when the legendary assassin comes for them.

Charged to uncover the secrets of an ancient tower, the Hunter’s journey takes him into the lands known to the outside world as “Ghandia”, a realm harsh yet beautiful, filled with mysteries lost to time and marvels yet to be discovered.

There, he is drawn into bloody conflict between the people who call the vast plains their home and the cruel Vassalage Consortium, masters of the flesh trade.

But more than human enemies lurk in the shadows. In the heart of these wild lands, he will face magic both dark and arcane, battle monstrous beings of immense power, and unearth secrets buried for millennia.

And in the darkness, an ancient power stirs, hungry to be awakened.


(Each paperback is hand-signed and personalized by me. Swag included!)

SIGNED – Awakener (Darkblade #6)

Look Inside

The Hunter dreamed of darkness.

Amidst a sea of golden grass and rolling hills stood a tower of the deepest midnight black. Its surface shone with the light of a thousand thousand shimmering stars, at once bright yet devouring all light around it.

Serpentine threads of green and violet entwined around its base and oozed into the ground, turned the lands around it barren, consumed earth and rock and creatures with a rot no living thing could withstand. All in its environs turned to ash and dust and decay. Life extinguished by an insatiable hunger and darkness both fell and unnamable.

For within lurked evil. Boundless, eternally ravenous, like the great maw of a creature as immense as Einan itself. The force of its desire emanated outward with such force it set the shimmering black walls throbbing. Pulsing with the steady rhythm that might have been not one, but two vast heartbeats.

Ukuhlushwa Okungapheli.

The name rang in his mind, shivered down his spine, pierced him to the marrow. He could not tear his gaze away, could not retreat. For it held him fast, dragged him ever closer.

Ukuhlushwa Okungapheli.

It called to him, too. Whispered in his mind, seeped into his thoughts, filled his head with incomprehensible pleas, demands, and entreaties. The twin heartbeats called to him with a voice that resonated to the core of his being. To his very soul. Inexorable, insistent, ever-shifting between subtle invitations and incessant commands.

He ached to do its bidding. Recoiled from the voices. Sought to hear them clearer. Fought to keep them out of his mind. An inner war raged, the essence of his being torn in half.

Ukuhlushwa Okungapheli.

It wanted him. Needed him.

“Hssht!” A sharp hiss pierced the Hunter’s mind, and an elbow dug into his side.

The Hunter’s eyes snapped open, instantly awake and alert. His hand dropped to the weapons on his belt, ready to draw Soulhunger or the Sword of Nasnaz at the first sign of danger. Only to stop upon recognizing the woman hovering in the darkness before him.

Kiara’s dark eyes shone with a glint of excitement so bright it rivaled the stars sparkling in the heavens above. A smile split her face from ear to ear, and she radiated the eager energy of anticipation.

“It’s here!” she hissed, though her voice was barely audible above the deafening roar of falling water.

The Hunter’s eyebrows shot up. “What?”

Kiara nodded, every muscle in her lithe, well-formed body quivering with elation. She jerked a thumb over her right shoulder. “Look!”

The Hunter rose from where he’d been reclining against the stone wall of the narrow trail they’d used to descend from the top of Zamani Falls. He hadn’t intended to fall asleep, but the last weeks of restless nights, plagued by torrid dreams, had taken a toll on him. Kiara’s pronouncement, however, banished any lingering trace of slumber. He had to see it for himself.

Kiara didn’t go far. On her hands and knees, she crawled across the narrow trail and settled onto her belly overlooking the basin into which the thunderous Zamani Falls emptied. The roar of hammering water grew louder as the Hunter peered over the trail’s edge. His eyes traced the seven cascades rising a full five hundred paces into the air, followed the water plunging from the clifftop into the deep pool that it had carved out of the rocky earth over thousands of years.

And there he saw it. First, he spotted the single glow of its lone eye. A deep blood-red, darker than the light that emanated from Soulhunger’s gemstone, yet emanating from an immense orb as large as his torso. Though he could not hear it over the cacophony of the waterfalls, he had no trouble imagining the metallic clinking and clacking of the thousands of coppery scales that stretched along the length of its body.

The Hunter watched in dumbfounded amazement as the creature slithered forth from the depths of the waterfalls’ pool. Coil after coil of gleaming reddish-gold thicker than he was tall, propelled by muscles so immense they were said to have cut the Inyoni River out of the earth to carve a path fifty paces wide and a hundred leagues long.

Keeper’s teeth! Icy feet danced down the Hunter’s spine, and his mouth went suddenly dry. He slid a hand to Soulhunger’s hilt; the solid metal came as scant comfort, for he knew even the Sword of Nasnaz would fare poorly against such an immense creature.

Kiara turned toward him, her face aglow with an exuberance that bordered on childlike wonder. “Indombe!”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Steve Bonczyk
Fantastic series

I know I’ve said this before, but by the long keeper I am going to say it again. This best one yet without a shadow of a doubt, in my mind anyway.I so do not want the Hunters story to end, ever. This one is a rollicking ride of goodish versus a very bad evil. It starts fast and keeps on going right through to an ending I didn’t see coming. Very highly recommended.

As long as this book was, I was still left wanting more!

Coming in at 1600 pages, this was a doozy of a book, no, it's not an omnibus, it's ONE book... heck it's longer than a lot of omnibuses, yet once again it didn't feel like I was reading a mammoth of a book, it felt that all too soon I came to the end. That is what Andy's magical ability is, besides the incredible journey he takes one on, the length of his books lose meaning because the length of the book feels just right! But why, oh why does Mr Peloquin put me through so much trauma???? From the first few chapters I was chanting "No! No! You can't die!" I had a knot in my stomach for much of the book, clenched and unclencing, releasing breaths I had gulped in. Exciting? Absofreekinglootly! (Not a word, but it should be!)

The Hunter, one of my all time favourite characters, once again has the unenviable task of uncovering mysteries, nefarious plots, the people or institution behind them and he's as astounded as I am as the pieces are laid out. So many twists capture ones imagination, which wants to veer off in one direction and they author firmly tugs one into another.

The way the author wraps his words so elegantly, so incredibly evocative, blows the imagination completely, drawing one in not to read the book, but rather to experience the book in every possible way. So great to have Aisha and Kodyn play such a pivotal role in this book, absolutely amazing characters, both of them. And Tarek, well he's just stunning! The one who has steadily grown throughout is Kaira, the most beautiful character anyone could come up with, she's the epitome of a genuine, loving person, her love and compassion know no bounds and I love how she keeps the Hunter on his toes!

I'm loving the "new" Hunter, the one who doesn't shy away from his emotions. Over the course of the series, his vulnerable is exposed, layer upon layer as he discovers or perhaps the right word would be, recovers his memory. He's allowed his facade to crumble bit by bit in the face of friends. Yes, really, the Hunter has true friends, he's not all hard, ruthless and uncaring as he led so many to believe. There IS a heart beating in that tough body. The lengths he will go to protect those he cares for. He was a tortured soul and although not quite tortured anymore, so much rests on his shoulders. He's collecting friends, people he cares for and who care for him, a concept that was so foreign before. Well maybe care for him is not completely accurate but respect sure is, and boy has he earned it!

My heart was galloping like a wild horse thundering away from danger, the intense action, the horrifying events, the pounding of my heart in my eardrums, heck, my entire head was pounding in time to this runaway horse's hooves, my eyes as wide as saucers, showing the same fear and horror as the characters. But this is all offset by the incredibly beautiful moments, the tenderness, the joy that these characters undergo, to make this a truly wonderous experience. Extremely highly recommended!

It took me ten days to read this huge monster of a book and it was a wild ride the whole time!

It took me ten days to read this huge monster of a book and it was a wild ride the whole time!

The Hunter really has grown with his human side being more obvious with his conscience making more of an appearance in his many fighting scenes, thinking about his companions and worried he is accidently going to hurt them.

I absolutely enjoyed the African inspired setting of this book as well with it's own fantasy based creatures added in.

There is a constant use of the Ghandian language phrases in this but I did eventually get into the flow of essentially reading multi-lingual in this in parts.

This was hugely about family and there was a lot of emotional exchanges between the characters which made this about more than just pursuing more demons.

I did not at all expect how it ended but it sets up the idea for the next book for sure so bring it on!