Writing Has Taught Me to be Unafraid

I’ve always been a bit of an introvert (to anyone who knows me, that “a bit” may seem like an understatement). I prefer the company of a good book, movie, or TV show to a crowd of people. It’s so much easier to be by myself than to try and keep up with conversations.

Thanks to writing, I’ve gotten out of my shell and have found that I am not afraid to talk to ANYONE!

On Saturday, I was fortunate enough to be one of the authors invited to a local author event at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore.


It was a blast! I got to chat with other authors, meet new people, and do the one thing I have been dreaming of for years: see my book sitting on a bookstore shelf!


At the beginning, it was a bit tough to strike up conversations with other people–both authors and guests. I wasn’t too certain of what to say, how to talk about myself and my book, and so on.

But as the event went on, I realized one simple thing: people wanted to know more. They wanted to know more about me and my journey as a writer, about the things that have helped me to reach an audience of readers, about the story I was promoting, and about the things that went into crafting a story. EVERYONE was interested!

I’m certain some people only talked to me to be polite, but I made a lot of friends and sold ALL the books I had dropped off. More than that, I learned that being bold is the way to be a good salesman.

I am passionate about my books and my writing, so it’s easy to talk about it once I get started. Though there’s always that initial moment of hesitation to start talking to people, after I get past that, it’s smooth sailing!

I am now completely unafraid to talk to anyone about my book, myself as a writer, and my personal journey, and I believe that will play a large role in whatever amount of success I achieve as a writer.