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Why Writers Should Open a Twitter Account

Twitter is not the easiest social media platform to master! It’s fast-paced, only allows you to write with 140 characters or fewer, and is nearly impossible to keep up with. There’s a lot of dross floating around, and people post all sorts of nonsense to Twitter.

But, for a writer, a Twitter account can be an amazing tool for both marketing and reaching a wider audience!

The beauty of Twitter is that there are no limits on who you can communicate with! Facebook limits you to people within your “circle”, but with Twitter, you can contact your favorite author, a random reader, or the President of the United States.

Twitter is all about building a relationship, which translates into:

Re-tweeting things they have posted (this is a shout-out that everyone appreciates–it proves that others like what they are posting)
Share interesting things with them–via Tweet or direct message (this doesn’t mean sharing YOUR writing with them, but things you think they would find interesting)
Thanking them for sharing something. Twitter is filled with valuable information and content, so thank people that posted it!
Shout out to them on #FF (Follow Friday) and tell other people why they should follow them.
Connect with them via other social media. Twitter gives you that “foot in the door” that will allow you to connect through LinkedIn or Facebook.

For writers, Twitter can be an amazing social network. It gives you a chance to interact with people you would never have met. It allows you to “trade” Re-Tweets, Favorites, and hashtags with other people. You can post your book using hashtags like #IndieBooksBeSeen to increase the visibility of your posts in ways that you would never get with Facebook–at least not for free. You can tweet at your favorite authors, celebrities, or personalities, and anyone who sees your back and forth conversation with those famous people will see your Twitter tag.

In the end, Twitter gives you much more potential for visibility than Facebook or G+. If you learn how to use it right (something I’m still muddling through), you’ll find that it can be an amazing tool to help you expand your reach!

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  1. Carol Fillmore

    Twitter is amazing for authors…esp beginners like moi lol and it is impossible to keep up with;)

  2. Don’t foget about the hazard of using automated messages. Nothing is more obnoxious, or obvious.

    • That’s a very good point! People hate it when your Twitter account has an automated message, which is why it’s always best to send a message yourself–even if it does take a bit of time.

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