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The Ultimate Guide to Book Review Websites

If there is one thing I’ve had hammered into my brain over and over, it’s that reviews (good and bad) are the key to selling more books. Think about it: if you saw a book with four reviews, you’d think it was a fairly new release.

But what if that book has been sitting on Amazon shelves for months or years, with just a few reviews. You’d probably politely move on to the next book. Or, you look at a book with 100+ reviews in the months or years since it’s been published, and you realize “Well, at least that many people have taken time to review the book! Clearly this is something worth my time.” apple-256261_1920 Book reviews are the lifeblood of every author, which is why we spend so much time asking our readers for reviews. But our readers are just one of the sources of reviews–there are SO MANY MORE!

In my years of authoring, I’ve compiled every possible source I could find to submit my book for reviews. Heck, I’ve even kept links to sites that WOULDN’T review my book because it wasn’t their preferred genre. Who knows, maybe down the line I’ll write a book that will fit their preferences.

As I looked over my list, I realized that I had easily 300-500 websites and blogs that review books. I’ve submitted my books to a fraction of them, but they are a potential resource that ALL authors can benefit from. So I bit the bullet and spent the time organizing the websites/blogs into one beautiful list. The list includes:

  • Links to the Review Policy pages
  • Genres reviewed
  • Possibility of Author Interviews/Guest Posts/Blog Tours/Giveaways/Other promo types
  • Reviews for Traditional and/or Self-Published books

It’s organized to be as neat and up-to-date as possible, with only active blogs run by people who regularly post and do book reviews. still-life-1037378_1920 My hope is that you will find many, many readers who will fall in love with your books and be only too happy to post a review not just on Amazon and Goodreads, but also their own blogs and websites. After all, the more people that talk about your book, the more exposure you get. And we all know that more exposure = greater chance of sales. 5796ba06ee9aa So, for the whopping sum of $1.99, you can get your hands on all 501 awesome websites, blogs, YouTube channels, Facebook Pages, and Twitter accounts where you can submit your book for review. It’s the most comprehensive and up-to-date list you’ll find anywhere!

Not sure you want all 501? Fill out the form below, and I’ll send a list of 100 review websites straight to your email inbox free of charge. Quick, easy, and a great place to start submitting your book for reviews.

Happy submitting!


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