Work on The Last Bucelarii Book 1: Blade of the Destroyer is coming along swimmingly! (Check out the cover art by clicking the link…)

I got all of the comments back from my beta readers, implemented the necessary changes, and have begun work on the second draft.

That term “second draft” is sort of a misnomer, truth be told. Libba Bray said, “There are a gazillion revisions, large and small, that go into the writing of a book.” She was talking about how the “second” draft is really a never-ending process of tiny corrections and edits.

Since I began work on the second draft, I have already made two rounds of corrections. I will be reading the book myself, looking for all manner of typos, mistakes, and general horriblenesses in the overall writing. Once I have read the book and marked it up, I’ll have to go over it and make a few more corrections. Plus, I’ve gotten comments back from beta readers who pointed out a couple things in my second draft that I should change.


It’s all part of the process, but boy is it a long process! The second draft is the one right before the book is sent off to the editor, and it’s one that takes a long time to complete. You pore over that book, making sure to find any final mistakes or inconsistencies–many of which you will miss, which is why you have an editor in the first place!

The second draft is one of the most terrifying stages in the book. The story is pretty much locked into place by now, so there’s no last-minute changes to the characters, the events, or the story line. Now is when your story has taken on its life, and it’s getting close to that creature you will share with the world. The nerve-wracking has begun, for you have to stand by your work.

This is when most people begin to doubt the quality of their writing, for they find so many mistakes from their first draft that it’s almost disheartening.

But that’s part of life as a writer. The second draft is the most important stage, for it’s when you make those final tweaks that turns the story from your brain into the novel that people will read.

It’s scary, but that fear is a huge part of life and I’m loving it! (or trying to)