You may not know this about me, but I have a bit of prankster in me. Being the mature, responsible parent/spouse/person I am, I usually have to hide that side, but sometimes it’s awesome to let it out.

I was surfing the internet yesterday when I came across a site called “Random Things To Do“. They had a list of “Best Things to Do When Bored”, and I LOVED it! Definitely appeals to the childish side of my nature.

1) Place a walkie talkie in your mail box then when someone walks by scream.

2) If someone is mean and calls you stupid say,” Thanks I’ve been trying to be more like you!”

3) When you’re in a crowded public place, yell out, “MARCO!” and see if anyone yells back, ” POLO!”

4) Go to McDonald’s and ask for German fries because you’re allergic to the French fries.

5) Tell your friend your gonna buy him an x box. Buy a box, write X on it and give it to him

6) When speaking to someone, suddenly stop speaking and look behind them as if something is happening.

7) Act like you’re wearing an earpiece microphone. When someone walks buy, start following them and asking, “Is this our guy?”

8) Super glue a coin to the sidewalk and watch from the window.

9) Call up Dominos Pizza Place and say, ‘Hey, do you have Pizza Hut’s number?’

10) Go in front of a jogger, run in front of them and scream “STOP CHASING ME”.

11) When you are in Walmart and you hear someone make announcement over the intercom, lay down on the floor and say I hear voices in my head.

12) Go into a shop and yell out Marco and see who yells back polo…

13) Ask random people what color their shirt is, see how many have to check.

14) Make a fake movie name ask a friend if they saw it see if they lie.

15) Near Halloween, dress up in a costume, hide in a store near the other costumes like yours, and when people walk by, jump out and yell “BOO”.

16) Hide in a bush, when someone walks past jump out and say “You have been chosen” and give them a card to a fake secret agency,then run.

17) Walk up to someone, hand them a potato, look them in the eyes and deadpan ‘with great power, comes great responsibility.’ Walk away.

18) In a crowded place yell, “Hey you with the face!” and see how many people turn around.

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